Overview Airwolf Viki Solution to 3D Printing

Use 3D printer without a computer.

ViKi provides an easy-to-use LCD interface for 3D printing without a computer.

ViKi provides visual indication of things like temperature and peripheral activity

Simply save your GCode to your Micro SD card and Go!


ViKi is easy to install.EASY INSTALLATION
Installation of this LCD controller is a snap with our instructional video.

ViKi has an easy-to-read displayBRIGHT DISPLAY
Easy-to-read 20×4 character LCD with good viewing angles and dimmable backlight.

Easily control your 3D printer with ViKi's interface.3D PRINTER CONTROL
Rotary Encoder with center button, Pause/Reset Button and 4-way navigation buttons.

ViKi has a sleek design that matches your 3D printer.SLEEK DESIGN
Custom-designed acrylic case complements your Airwolf 3D printer.

Sleek Design

ViKi features a sleek interface for 3D printing without a computer.

Install ViKi on your Airwolf 3D printer.

ViKi makes 3D printing easier.

ViKi has a low-profile design and fits with an Airwolf 3D printer.

ViKi Tech Specs

20×4 Character LCD (nice and bright, good viewing angles)
I2C communications (less wires)
microSD slot with card detect
Rotary encoder with center button
Pause/Reset button
4-way navigation buttons
3 addressable LEDs, 1 SD card LED
Dimmable backlight using PWM pin
Arduino-compatible library by Adafruit and Lincomatic’s LIQUIDTWI2
Polycarbonate graphic overlay to protect LCD
Built-in shift register. 5v and 3.3v compatible(needs 5v for LCD supply)