Cura – Recommended Settings

Import Your STL File

Delete the small Robot that is located in the build the first time you open Cura. You can do so by selecting it and simply hitting Delete on your keyboard. Go to File<Load Model File and select your STL file.

Cura will place the file on the build plate. You may need to use the rotation tools located in the bottom left corner of the bed area. Don’t see these tools? Click on your part first!

  • The model toolbar includes rotate, scale, mirror, lay flat, and reset.

Print Settings

Insert the provided USB dive into a USB port on your computer. In Cura, go to File<Open Profile<Slicing Configurations. Select the Default .ini file appropriate for the filament you are printing with.

If you no longer have your USB drive, you can find the current up-to-date settings in the proper Public Dropbox:

HDR/HD2x Public Dropbox

HDx/HD Public Dropbox

HDL Public Dropbox

XL Public Dropbox

V.5.5 Public Dropbox

Export GCODE

You can now export newly-created GCODE to the micoSD card. In Cura, go to File<Save GCODE. Insert the Micro SD card that came with your printer into your computer. Provided was an SD card adapter, but if your computer does not have a card reader, you will need to purchase an external reader.

Your file is now ready to print!