AXIOM – Loading and Removing Filament

With the AXIOM, Loading and Removing filament is a breeze. This printer has an auto feed system which will pull the filament to the hot end for you!

Loading Filament

1) Preheat AXIOM (The AXIOM must be preheated before attempting to insert filament)

  • In the secondary menu select Prepare< Preheat ABS<Preheat ABS 1

[If you are switching from a different filament, see solution AXIOM – Switching Filaments (Prime)] —
2) Cut the end of your filament at a 45 degree angle for easy feeding and  insert spool on the back of the AXIOM

3) Once your hot end is up to temperature, enter the secondary menu<Prepare<Load Filament

  • AXIOM will allow 5 seconds for you to prepare for inserting filament, then you will here the motor start moving.
  • Apply some pressure to the filament until you feel the extruder grab and feed the material into the bowden tube.

If your filament did not enter the hot end, select the “Prime Filament” command to extrude 50mm of material.

Filament Removal

To remove filament, select the “Remove Filament” command. Please see our solution AXIOM – Filament Stuck if you have any difficulties removing filament.

Please open a Tech Ticket if you have any questions or need assistance with this process.