AXIOM – Hot End – Nozzle Cleaning


Hot End Expected Lifespan

750-1500 hours dependent on material used. Low temp will generally give longer service life.

NEVER leave hot end up to temperature without running a print job. This will burn the filament and cause additional steps to resolve.

For the AXIOM, a clean nozzle tip is critical for the auto leveling to work correctly. The brass cleaning brush installed does a clean up at the beginning of every print job. The life expectancy of this brush is approximately 100 print starts and should be replaced after wear and tear is present.  Another option is to manually clean the tip with a brass hand wire brush as described in the solution.

NOTE: The nozzle tip is made of aluminum. This is needed for reliable heat distribution, but it is a soft metal and can be scratched easily. Use the correct tools when handling the nozzle!



  •  .5mm drill bit (provided with printer purchase)
  • brass hand wire brush (optional)

1) Heat hot end to appropriate temperature for  materials used (i.e. ABS 240C)

2) Carefully insert drill into nozzle tip. The drill is very small and can break accidentally if not careful.

3) Rotate drill counter-clockwise to remove clogged material from tip.

4) Using a brass or aluminum hand wired brush, remove any additional build up. If this brush is not available, starting a GCODE file will automatically run the nozzle over the brass brush installed on your printer.


In serious conditions, the nozzle may need to be removed from the printer or replaced. Please see solution AXIOM – Nozzle Removal/Replacement if you are experiencing any additional clogging difficulties.