AXIOM – Belt Tensioning


Over time the belts may need to be tightened. This solution includes all steps taken to correctly tighten your belts.

(Example of what belts should look like)



1) Determine which belt needs tightening.
  • Gently move the hot end to the front of the printer until you here the “click” of the micro switch being activated.
  • Inspect both the left and right Y carriage to determine there distance to the front smooth rod mount. Locate the side that has a farther distance.

In my example, the Right Y Carriage is too far away. The distance to the front should be about 3mm.

2) Pull the hot end back for easy access and loosen all 3 screws located on the top of the hot end. A few turns is all that’s needed.

–3) Using needle nose pliers, tighten the applicable belt by twisting.

  • Right Y Carriage too far from the front – tighten rear belt tab on the hot end
  • Left Y Carriage too far from the front – tighten front belt tab on the hot end
(example for right)

4) Belts should now be equal when compared to front

–5) The finished tension should be flick-able. When pinched they can touch, but with pressure.