AXIOM – About Your Printer


CoreXY Motor Control System with End-User Replaceable Cassette (ERC)

  • Durable belt driven design which increases precision. Built with the ERC for hassle-free upgrading or servicing.
Active Automatic Bed Leveling System
  • AXIOM will auto level before every print job. Works by probing the 4 corners of the bed assembly completing a circuit each time. A microprocessor will remember where on the Z axis each circuit was completed. With this information, the AXIOM will create a virtual plane to project the part onto.
  • It is critical the nozzle is clean to create this circuit. Please see solution AXIOM – Hot End – Nozzle Cleaning for proper maintenance procedures.

Easy Feed Filament System

  • Allows filament to be loaded with the click of the “Load Filament” option. Please see solution – AXIOM – Loading Filament.

Aluminum and injection molded PC enclosure

  • This rugged design gives long life and durability with high strength components.

Fully Enclosed

  • Critical for large printing. Creates a high temperature, controlled environment for heat containment.

Ceramic Build Plate

  • High heat tolerance and resistance to thermal shock. Has nearly zero expansion coefficient and postpones cracking, warping, and breaking. Expected lifespan of 75-150 printing hours.
Four Different Methods of Connection
XY = 10 Microns
Z = 2 Microns

Recommended Software

IMPORTANT – With auto leveling, the software MUST be setup correctly. Please visit these solutions for correct instruction on setup.

Using Airwolf 3D Recommended Settings


The AXIOM – Public Dropbox provides other information such as recommended settings and documentation

You can find the current manual here – AXIOM Manual