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3D Printing with PETG: Tips and Tricks

In This Article: Printing With PETG Filament Interesting PETG Filament Facts 3D Printing with PETG: Tips and Tricks Common applications of PETG PETG Filament Data Sheet Information Printing With PETG Filament (Updated 2018) PETG filament is an extra tough 3D print material. This is an extremely high-strength filament and can achieve very sturdy and strong […]

What is the Difference between t-glase and PETG?

 What is the difference between t-glase and PETG? There is frequently some confusion on the difference between T-glase and PETG. The short answer is that T-glase (pronounced TEE-Glass) is the trade name that Taulman 3D has given to their formulation of PETG, which was originally named “Taulman 810”. Technically-speaking both products are PETG, but the difference […]