“Key Factors In 3D Printing Adoption”

Hello, my name is Eva Wolf, and I am a doctoral student at Florida International University (FIU).  You have been chosen at random to be in a research study about Technology Adoption.   The purpose of this study is to further the knowledge of people that are making technology adoption decisions in manufacturing and education.  If you decide to be in this study, you will be one of 100 people in this research study.  Participation in this study will take 30 minutes of your time.  If you agree to be in the study, I will ask you to do the following things:

  1. Confirm that you work in either a manufacturing environment or as an educator.
  2. Answer all of the questions to the best of your ability. 

There are no foreseeable risks or benefits to you for participating in this study.  It is expected that this study will benefit society by identifying and addressing barriers to 3DP adoption so that we can unlock new opportunities for innovation, customized learning, and sustainable manufacturing.

There is no cost to you.  If you have questions while taking part, please stop me and ask.

You will remain anonymous, unless you choose not to and reach out after your survey.

If you have questions for one of the researchers conducting this study, you may contact Eva Wolf at 949-478-2933. 

If you would like to talk with someone about your rights of being a subject in this research study or about ethical issues with this research study, you may contact the FIU Office of Research Integrity by phone at 305-348-2494 or by email at

Your participation in this research is voluntary, and you will not be penalized or lose benefits if you refuse to participate or decide to stop.  You may keep a copy of this form for your records.

COMPENSATION: At the end of the survey, you will be presented with a PROMO CODE (and link) so that you can order and receive a 4 oz. bottle of Wolfbite MEGA Adhesive with free shipping for your participation.

This is limited to the Wolfbite MEGA (4 oz purple bottle).

Thank you for supporting our research.

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