Research Use Of Airwolf 3D Systems, Accessories And Materials

Airwolf 3D additive manufacturing systems are top-tier affordable research and development systems used by many leading researchers worldwide. As of now there are more than 70+ references in leading peer-reviewed scientific and engineering publications citing use of the Airwolf 3D systems, accessories, and materials. Airwolf 3D printers enabled many researchers to rapidly prototype and publish their ideas in the leading peer-reviewed publications in such diverse areas as microfluidics, chemical, biomedical, materials, mechanical and aerospace engineering, life sciences, and many others.  Your research can materialize quickly and your research publication should be next if you let us help you to materialize your ideas in your lab.  To get some idea of the diversity of applications, please review our reference publications gallery below. By clicking on the links you can see a summary of peer-reviewed publications, and you can also go to its original source.  Please visit us frequently as this page is updated with new publications daily. From Aviation to Zoology you will find applications of Airwolf 3D products: