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Max Grip build plates incorporate a borosilicate glass base bonded to an optimized composite 3D printing surface. The combination is designed to work with all Airwolf-compatible printing materials and Wolfbite adhesives. Key benefits are reduced breakage, more consistent surface adhesion, and strong compatibility with Nylon-based materials.

Max Grip build plates are a revolutionary step up from borosilicate glass.  While borosilicate is a great build surface with unmatched planarity and high-temperature resistance, it tends to fracture and leave pockmarks as it ages.  With large prints, in particular, the likelihood of breakage is higher.  Nylon can also be difficult to print on glass due to the surface’s smoothness. Max Grip aims to maintain the planarity and heat capabilities of borosilicate while enhancing lifespan and compatibility with more filament types.  Max Grip’s composite surface adheres to parts particularly well with Airwolf’s Wolfbite adhesives.  When used with Wolfbite, Max Grip holds your parts down when the bed is warm and releases them when cool.  Max Grip can be cleaned with water and sanded with 220-grit sandpaper to restore its surface finish. * For AXIOM printers, use Apex to download updated firmware with increased z offsets.  * For EVO printers, TouchScreen 1.68 and later incorporate increased z-offset options. .