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Wolfbite 3D Printer Adhesive Reviews

"Part of your 'essential tools kit' for 3D printing"
- Sean Charlesworth, Tested

"...the Airwolf Wolfbite worked out really well."
- ChicagoLandGeeks

The Only 3D Printer Adhesive You'll Ever Need

What is 3D Printer Adhesive?

When it comes to 3D printing, the biggest challenge most users face is bed adhesion. If a part that you're making does not stick to the bed, it will become warped and deformed -- and might even fail completely

Patented Wolfbite is the most effective solution when it comes to preventing warping and curling when 3D printing. The first and only product of its kind, patent-pending Wolfbite 3D Printer Adhesive is a liquid solution that keeps parts stuck to the bed while printing, then releases easily once your print is complete.

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How Does 3D Printer Adhesive Work?

Patent-pending Wolfbite is heat activated. When used with a glass plate on a heated bed, Wolfbite is chemically formulated to "grip" plastic as it is extruded onto the bed. This provides a secure foundation that allows a print to complete successfully.

Once the print is complete and the bed is fully cooled, the Wolfbite releases its bond to the part. The finished print can then be removed easily from the bed.

3d printer bed adhesion

Which Wolfbite is Right for Me?

Whether you're printing in PLA or Polycarbonate, there's a Wolfbite formulated specifically for your print.

Wolfbite is available in five different formulas for a wide range of materials:

3d-printer-adhesive no warping

General Directions for Using
Patent-Pending Wolfbite 3D Printer Adhesive

The following are general directions for patent-pending Wolfbite Original and Mega. Please refer to directions for specific Wolfbite formulas to achieve best results.

  1. Shake well.
  2. Remove lid and dip foam applicator into solution. If your Wolfbite has a jelly-like consistency, it may be neccessary to warm bottle for a maximum of 5-10 seconds in
    a microwave.
  3. Apply by painting on cold glass with long strokes, covering the entire build area. If using proprietary Wolfbite ULTRA for Polypropylene, please see specific directions for ULTRA.
  4. Place glass onto heatbed and preheat.
  5. Once print is complete, wait for print to cool completely to allow Wolfbite to release the part from the glass.
  6. Clean glass plate and applicator with clean water only. Soap and other cleansers will contaminate Wolfbite solution and cause unstable performance.

A single application of Wolfbite Bed Adhesion Solution will last up to five prints. Click the "Bed Adhesion Tricks &Tips" tab above for additional information.

how-to-prevent-3D-parts-from-lifting Adhesion

Bed Adhesion Tips & Tricks

  • Avoid contamination. Soap, cleansers, chemicals, and even greasy fingerprints can all contaminate Wolfbite and cause unstable performance. Keep glass and applicators clean.
  • Clean glass plate and applicator with clean water only. Soap and other cleansers will contaminate Wolfbite.
  • To remove excess formula and grime, a razor blade may be used to gently scrape the glass plate under warm running water. Please exercise extreme caution to avoid injury.
  • For persistent grease, oils,
    or fingerprints, rubbing alcohol or acetone may be used to clean glass. Please ensure surface is fully dry and all liquid is evaporated before applying Wolfbite.