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For a limited time, Premium Pass members get Buy One, Get One on ALL filament and a FREE Wolfbite of your choice (an up to $100+ value)! Plus, shipping is ALWAYS FREE for Premium Pass holders.

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3D Printer Filament Free Shipping

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Get FREE Shipping on EVERY order when you’re a Premium Pass Member. From nozzles to printers, everything in our shop ships free (up to $300+ value)!*

*Free shipping does not apply to storage carts.

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Members-Only Pricing

Premium Pass delivers top quality filament at exclusive members-only prices. Stock up on favorites like ABS and PLA while also trying out high performance engineering-grade materials like HydroFill, Polycarbonate and Carbon Fiber Nylon. Sign in to your account to see ongoing Premium Pass promotions.

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Best 3D Printer for Education

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While Premium Pass helps you save money on high performance 3D printing materials, it also unlocks additional members-only benefits. Premium Pass members get early access to new products, beta testing programs, and all sales.

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How to Join Airwolf 3D Premium Pass
To begin taking advantage of Premium Pass, simply purchase your subscription ($99/year).
Once active, simply log into your account and discounts and free shipping are automatically applied at checkout.

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