Founder, Erick Wolf


Erick Wolf at Airwolf 3D founder

Erick Wolf is co-founder of Airwolf 3D and leads the research and development departments. He is an expert in the field of desktop 3D printers and rapid prototyping, having designed Airwolf’s line of professional-grade 3D printers. Mr. Wolf earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1997. Mr. Wolf has 20+ years of hands-on automotive mechanical experience to compliment his mechanical engineering degree. Mr. Wolf is also an accomplished patent attorney and well-versed in the field of intellectual property law as it relates to 3D printing technologies.

Erick has been an active 3D printing evangelist and has been teaching others about the power of this emerging technology. click here for Erick’s white papers.

Recent Blogs

To date, Erick Wolf has introduced this technology to thousands of interested individuals by speaking and presenting at numerous events. (Please contact us for an updated list).  Events include:

•05/15/2019. “Successful workflows: Going from SOLIDWORKS To 3D Printer” Orange County SolidWorks User Group, Fountain Valley.

•10/04/2018. “Tech Career Exploration” Corona del Mar High School, Corona del Mar, CA.

•07/13/2018. “CMTC Additive Manufacturing Training Program” Fountain Valley, C.A

•02/10/2018. “Metal Printing for the Masses” MD&M 2018, Anaheim, CA.

•05/24/2017. “Multi-Material 3D Printing” Space Tech Expo, Pasadena, CA.

•04/29/2017. “The Future of 3D Printing” 3D4Everyone: Intercollegiate 3D Design Conference, USC Los Angeles, CA.

•04/21/2017. “3D Printing in Education” Tomorrow’s Teachers Conference, Santiago Canyon College, Orange, CA.

•04/21/2017. “Entrepreneurship Journey of Math and Science” Tiger Woods Foundation, CA.

•02/21/2017. “Technology In Footwear Design And Production Printing” LV MAGIC Show – Footwear Sourcing, Las Vegas, NV.

•12/15/2016. “New Ideas in 3D Printing” Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo, Santa Clara, CA.

•07/10/2016. “Inventing with 3D” Inventors Week, The Cube, Santa Ana, CA.

•09/11/2016. “Understanding an Industry” 3D PRINT SHOW, PASADENA.

•06/10/2015.  “State of the Industry: 3DP and AM Industry Trends and Opportunities on the Horizon” NEW YORK ADVANCED DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING EVENT.

•05/28/2015.  “Advanced Applications for Desktop 3D Printers” OC SOLIDWORKS, ORANGE COUNTY USER GROUP.

•03/11/2015. “Advanced Applications for Desktop 3D Printers.”  SOLIDWORKS, SAN DIEGO USER GROUP.

•02/11/2015.  “Exploring New Materials in 3D Printing and their Applications for Design and Manufacturing” At PACIFIC DESIGN and MANUFACTURING EXPO.

•02/11/2015.  “3D Scanning and Overcoming the Challenges of Reverse Engineering in 3D Printing.” PACIFIC DESIGN and MANUFACTURING EXPO.

•01/30/2015.  “The Expanding World of 3D Printable Materials”. 3D PRINTER WORLD BURBANK 2015.

•10/07/2014.  “Why You Need a 3D Printer, What You Can and Cannot Do with One”.  MHI 2014 ANNUAL CONFERENCE.

•09/22/2014.  “Materials and Applications of Desktop 3D Printers for Rapid Prototyping”.  INSIDE 3D PRINTING CONFERENCE – SANTA CLARITA.

•09/23/2014.  “Introduction to the 3D Printing”. – San Diego MEET-UP.

•08/22/2014.  “The Intersection of 3D Printing and Intellectual Property”. 3D PRINTER WORLD – SEATTLE 2014.

•04/20/2014.  “3D Printers: How they work, Why your classroom needs one, and How you can afford it”. SO CAL SECTION of the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION of PHYSICS TEACHERS.

•02/26/2014. “How 3D Printing is Revolutionizing the Prototyping and Pilot Line Worlds.” AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY.

•02/17/2014. “Advanced Applications of Desktop 3D Printers”. PACIFIC DESIGN and MANUFACTURING EXPO.

• 02/01/2014. “Intellectual Property Issues”. 3D PRINTER WORLD 2014 – Burbank. Conference Seminar.

•09/12/2013.  “3D Printers and How They Work”.  NEWPORT IRVINE ROTARY CLUB

•09/11/2013.  “Presenting 3D Printing Technology” – NORTH ORANGE COUNTY COMPUTER CLUB at the IRVINE LECTURE HALL – Chapman College

•05/20/2013.  “Presenting 3D Printing to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers”. SANTA CLARA VALLEY CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SOCIETY.

•05/16/2013.  “3D Printing and the Law” – STANFORD LAW SCHOOL.