1) What filament diameter can be used on the printers?:

  • All of our printers use filament with a nominal diameter of 3mm and an actual diameter of 2.85+-0.10mm
2) Can Airwolf 3D printers print in metal?
  • No. Only thermoplastic can be used on our printers. Refer to Purchasing Filament to see a full list of printing materials that can be used.
3) What materials/filaments can be used with each of the Airwolf 3D printers?
4) There are different bed preparations for each of the printing materials, mainly WolfBitePET Film and Masking Tape. Can the PET film or Masking Tape be left on the bottom of the glass when using WolfBite?
  • Yes. The PET Film and Masking Tape can be left on the bottom of the glass when using the WolfBite on top. Any of the three bed preparations can be on the bottom of the glass when it is not being used. Here is a list of further details about bed preparation for printing: Bed Preparation

5) Does Airwolf 3D make sample prints?

  • Airwolf 3D makes sample prints, depending on the application. Please contact sales@airwolf3d.com for more information.

6) Do you offer educational discounts?

  • Please contact one of our Account Executives to inquire about any current promotions being offered at sales@airwolf3d.com
7) Do you have distributors?
  • Airwolf 3D has a worldwide network of resellers. To find out if there is a reseller close to you, please contact us at info@airwolf3d.com
8) Do you finance 3D printers? Do you offer payment plans?