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As an incredibly proud sponsor of the ocMaker Challenge, a local 3D-printing “maker” challenge for schools in Orange County, CA, we here at Airwolf 3D have had the incredible experience of seeing, first hand, how beneficial a maker challenge is for creating a highly engaging STEM curriculum in local schools.

A new twist on the classic science fair, a maker challenge is an integrated STEM project that utilizes art, design, and technology, such as 3D printing. Under the guidance of teachers trained in 3D printing, student participants design and create incredible inventions that offer solutions to problems or needs in their community. Best of all, you get to witness the students’ passion, enthusiasm, and mastery of complex subject matter.

Airwolf 3D is on a mission to spread maker culture and a passion for STEM across America (and eventually the world!). That’s why we developed the Great 3D-Printing Challenge.

No need to worry about how to host a successful maker challenge, we’ll bring the Great 3D-Printing Challenge to you! Invest in 15 Airwolf 3D printers, and we’ll provide everything you need to host an installment of the Great 3D-Printing Challenge in your area.

Join the Great 3D-Printing Challenge and Airwolf 3D will provide:

ocMaker Challenge 2016 Winners accepting their award
Airwolf 3D Co-Founder and Lead Designer Erick Wolf presenting maker challenge winners with their award.

+ An intensive two-day, on-site 3D Printing Workshop

+$1,000 sponsorship for cash awards to winning students of the Great 3D-Printing Challenge

+ Comprehensive training materials and 15 copies of our 3D Printing Curriculum

+ A complete guidebook to hosting your own local installment of the Great 3D-Printing Challenge, including a sample calendar of events, competition rules and regulations, and judging rubrics

+ An Airwolf staff member will be on-hand to offer further support and provide an exciting presentation to
kick-off the Challenge in your school

+ Free access to student online training program with graded results automatically reported to teachers

+ Free access to Airwolf 3D’s online 3D-print repository, so students can upload designs for judging purposes

+ Inspirational videos and case studies to attract and engage your community and any additional sponsors
supporting your event

For maker challenge information in Orange County, CA, please contact the OCDE/CTE Partnership.

If you are not in the Orange County area and would like to participate in the Great 3D-Printing Challenge, please contact Airwolf 3D at (949) 478-2933 or email us at

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