Filament Jam

1. Heat nozzle to 20 degrees OVER recommended filament temperature (e.g. ABS to 260°C)


3. Press PRIME, and firmly press down on the filament to slowly push filament through the hot end. Repeat until filament exits tip of hot end.

If filament will not extrude, press REMOVE

If the above process does not remove the filament, use the following procedure:

1. Place machine in SERVICE MODE

2. Turn machine OFF

3. Remove two (2) M3 screws that hold front cover:

evo 3d printer remove cover

4. Remove front cover (not necessary to remove fan connection):

5. Remove four (4) M3 screws that hold feeder assembly

dual head extruder

6. Use razor blade to cut filament between feeder assembly and hot end mount

dual extruder distance

7. Remove feeder assembly and remove filament

dual extruder remove head

8. Reassemble in reverse order

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