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airwolf 3d printers at ces 2015

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hdr 3d printer





Meet HD-R, the New 3D Printer (WiFi, Android Tablet, Cloud 3D printing)

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Download Press Release for New 3D Printer Model HD-R 

Interview can be arranged with founder Erick Wolf by emailing during CES show.  Airwolf 3D booth (Sands- #72334).

Download Brochure for the new HD-R

Photos of HD-R can be downloaded here:

HDR-2 3D Printer with tabletHDR 3D printerhdr

What the public knows so far:  Blog Announcement for CES

Meet Sandy – the Materials Girl

2015 3D Printed Dress, Outfit and Fashion Accessories flyer download below (click to enlarge)

2015 sandy 3D printer girl

Copy and back story is here: Sandy materials Girl CES 3D printed dress

Photos of Sandy and 3D printed outfit here:

CES Airwolf 3D Sandy 2015 white background Airwolf 3D Printed Wristlet Airwolf 3D Printed Outfit Designers 3d printed shotglass 3d printed shoes 3d printed phone case 3d printed phone case laywood 3d printed martini glass 3D Printed Lipstick 3d printed glasses 3d printed glasses for sandy 3D printed copperfill earrings 3D printed bronzefill necklace 3D PRINTED bracelett 3D printed axios dress

3d printer materials 2015