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These models were made with an Airwolf 3D printer. These objects are a sampling of the rapid prototyping capabilities offered by desktop our 3d printers.

3D Printer Has Proved Invaluable to Precision Optical’s Design Process

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL “In May of 2014, Precision Optical acquired its first 3D printer, an Airwolf HDx© from Airwolf HD© ( With the addition of the 3D printer, Precision Optical has adopted new rapid prototyping, tooling, manufacturing, and engineering capabilities. The 3D printing industry has experienced massive growth over the past few years, with many in the […]

Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week: Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Battery Box

The Battle-Ready Battery Box, codename: Battlery Box, is the worlds newest advancement in rugged 3D printed survival gear!   You’re 3 klicks south of enemy territory with 7 hostiles close on your tail, the rain is pouring and the trail is invisible in the black of night. Luckily you brought your trusty flashlight to guide […]

The Falling Brick at Airwolf 3D

Falling Brick

How Does a Ladder and a Falling Brick Have Anything to do With 3D Printing You Ask? Let Us Explain… Here at Airwolf 3D, we are constantly pushing the envelope in various scopes, most importantly tolerances and accuracy. This project in particular was assigned to our Airwolf 3D intern, Will Schwartz. The idea of the project was inspired by Will’s physics […]