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These models were made with an Airwolf 3D printer. These objects are a sampling of the rapid prototyping capabilities offered by desktop our 3d printers.

“Smart Art” by Jeff Cain: 3D Art Project Entitled, “Canis Latrans No. 1”

3D art project by Jeff Cain entitled, "Canis Latrans No. 1"

USC faculty Jeff Cain shows new 3d printed sculpture at the Cerritos College Art Gallery. Cerritos College Art Gallery recently showcased artist Jeff Cain’s, “Canis Latrans  no. 1” as part of its ART+TECH Artist-in-Residence program. The program was created to give selected artists free-reign to utilize the advanced technology located on the Cerritos campus. The […]

AmphibianSkin Offers An Affordable 3D Printed Splint to Help The Healing Process

In This Article: The Inspiration For Amphibianskin Patients Can Immobilize Wrists And Thumbs And Still Play What Plans Does Diana Hall Have For Future Applications? How Has Amphibianskin Improved Lives? Amphibianskin Is An Affordable 3D Printed Splint Will Insurance Companies Cover The Cost Of 3D Printed Splints Someday? Airwolf 3D Printers And Amphibianskin Top Notch […]

A 3D Printing Workshop That Really Paid Off

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL “After learning about Tinkercad at the ocMaker Summer Training given by Erick of Airwolf 3D, I decided to turn on the students to Tinkercad the first week of school to sort of hook them into the program. I taught it to my CAD and Video Game Design classes. We usually don’t start 3D printing […]

3D Printer Has Proved Invaluable to Precision Optical’s Design Process

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL “In May of 2014, Precision Optical acquired its first 3D printer, an Airwolf HDx© from Airwolf HD© ( With the addition of the 3D printer, Precision Optical has adopted new rapid prototyping, tooling, manufacturing, and engineering capabilities. The 3D printing industry has experienced massive growth over the past few years, with many in the […]

Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week: Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Battery Box

The Battle-Ready Battery Box, codename: Battlery Box, is the worlds newest advancement in rugged 3D printed survival gear! You’re 3 klicks south of enemy territory with 7 hostiles close on your tail, the rain is pouring and the trail is invisible in the black of night. Luckily you brought your trusty flashlight to guide you […]

The Falling Brick at Airwolf 3D

Falling Brick

How Does a Ladder and a Falling Brick Have Anything to do With 3D Printing You Ask? Let Us Explain… Here at Airwolf 3D, we are constantly pushing the envelope in various scopes, most importantly tolerances and accuracy. This project in particular was assigned to our Airwolf 3D intern, Will Schwartz. The idea of the project was inspired by Will’s physics […]

Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week: 3D Printed Bronze Skull

3D Printed Bronze Skull

“You’re just hard headed.” A few of us at Airwolf 3D may hear that every now and then but we’re no where near as hard headed as our Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week the 3D Printed Bronze Skull!   This week at Airwolf, we got a new material to try out on our […]

Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week 3D Printed Nylon Goggle Strap Loops

What do you get when you combine a set of broken goggles with sentimental value, a designer with a knack for replication, and a 3D Printer? The Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week, 3D Printed Nylon Goggle Strap Loops, of course! When one of Erick Wolf’s good friends came to him asking for a […]

Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week is the 3D Printed Toothbrush

4 out of 5 dentists agree that 3D Printing your own toothbrush is AWESOME! That’s exactly what one of our great customers did. He created his very own toothbrush model, printed it on the AW3D HD, popped some bristles in, and called it good. Fresh breath and fresh tech go hand in hand apparently as […]

Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week is the 3D-2D-3D Icosahedron

What better use of a 3D Printer than to 3D print a 2D object and then make it 3D again? When people hear “3D Printing” for the first time, they often think of an image printed on paper that you use those funky red and blue glasses to read. Rarely do they realize the capabilities […]

Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week is Custom Fit Kiteboard Footstraps

coolest 3d printed thingvvvv

Awesome customer video! Custom kiteboard footstraps designed for better take off and riding.   “I use a 3d printer (Airwolf3D 5.5 model) to customize my kiteboard footstraps. While the Naish Ally bindings are cool looking, they did not fit my feet properly and I would come off the straps way too easily. I redesigned the […]

Coolest Thing of the Week is the AW3D 3D Printed Egg Drop Enclosure

What Can you 3D Print with TPE?  An AW3D 3D Printed Egg Drop Enclosure of Course. Background of The 3D Printed Egg Drop Enclosure Everyone remembers science class when we had to create an “Embryonic Shock Suppression Unit” or, an egg drop enclosure. Yeah, that’s the one, the one where half the class ended up […]

Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week is the A.X.I.O.S. Armor

A.X.I.O.S Armor in ABS Advanced Xtreem Integrated Operating Scales, code-name AXIOS, is the newest Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week from Airwolf 3D! This flexible armor was printed fully assembled as one part on the Airwolf 3D HD printer. Now you can step up your Nerf game with armor that will move with you and adapt to whatever tactical […]

Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week is the Thorn Vase

Coolest 3D Printed Object

The Thorn Vase in ABS Looking for that perfect vase to display your favorite thorned rose or exotic thistle? Look no further than the thorn vase by Airwolf 3D. This edgy vase is a great decorative piece and would look great for anyone trying to make a point, get it, point.   Are you next? […]

Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week is the Offline Glass

The Offline Glass What’s worse than having your conversation being interrupted by a smartphone?  Ending the reign of cellular-addiction and breathing new life into the “bar conversation” is the goal behind the Offline Glass.  The glass does so by making it impossible to safely set down your brew without trapping your precious smartphone, thereby forcing […]

Featured: 3D Printed Robots by Orbis Robotics

3D Printed Robots are Leading the Way in Manufacturing in a BIG WAY Orbis Robotics, Inc. is using 3D printers in its design and manufacture of telepresence robots. Orbis Robotics, Inc., located in Encinitas, CA, is using parts printed on the Airwolf 3D XL model in the design and manufacture of its telepresence robots.  Steve […]

Saleen’s Tree Ornament is Magic

saleen automotive 3d prints tree ornament

What happens when you give a desktop 3D printers to talented car designers at Christmas time?  MAGIC The elves at Saleen Automotive have been hard at work designing and prototyping amazing cars, but everyone needs an occasional little break.  This holiday season, the skillful minds at Saleen took some creative liberties and made this really […]

Featured: 30″ Batmobile is Designed with 3DS Max and 3D Printed

30" 3d printed batmobile in 3DS max

December’s Featured Print is a 30” Batmobile Modeled with 3DS Max This month’s featured 3d printed model comes to us from the very talented Hector Gama. Using Autodesk 3DS Max modeling software and an Airwolf 3D desktop 3-D printer (built from a kit), Hector began the process of 3D printing out this 30” Batmobile.  Hector […]

Saleen Accelerates the Product Design Cycle

Prototyping a Saleen shiftknob design on our in-office

Saleen Automotive Uses Desktop 3D  Printer to Make 3D Printed Car Part Shiftknob Design American Innovator Saleen Automotive Accelerates the Product Design Cycle with the use of Desktop 3D Printing.  Saleen Automotive has been using an Airwolf 3D printer since October of 2013 to prototype.  They have prototyped, among other things, a custom Saleen shiftknob […]

7 Steps to a Stronger ABS part with Epoxy Penetrating Resin System

Penetrating resin abs 3d printed parts 2

7 Steps to a Stronger ABS part with Epoxy Penetrating Sealing And Coating Resin System Use this 2 Part Epoxy Coating to achieve a stronger ABS part. TC-1614 A/B is an unfilled high solids content epoxy resin system. It is designed to seal porous to semi-porous substrates developing remarkable strength. As the penetrative depth increases the […]

4 Steps to a Glossy ABS Part with Clear Reactive Polymer


Creative coating for your 3D printed objects Have you ever wanted to coat your creations with a tough but simple solution that will protect from the sun and other elements?  This solution for finishing 3D printed objects works and is inexpensive.  This is a clear reactive polymer that preserves and beautifies. First, you will need a few items. […]

Featured 3D Printed Design Easy Entry Cart


Today’s Featured 3D Printed Design: The Easy Entry Cart   Today’s featured 3d printed part comes to us from long-time customer, Stephen Cook.  The detail on this cart is amazing.  Here is what Stephen says about this 3d printed project: How It Started “The cart took approximately 20 hours to create. Its about 14” long […]