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News and Events Pertaining to 3D Printing and Airwolf 3D

Airwolf 3D Announces Issuance of US Patent for Revolutionary Water Soluble Support Filament

support material

Las Vegas, NV (September 21, 2022) In a move that solidifies its standing as the industry leader in 3D printing filaments, Airwolf 3D today announced the issuance of US Patent No. 11,446,877 for its revolutionary water soluble support filament. This patent covers the company’s innovative technology that enables 3D printers to produce complex parts and […]

Back to School 3D Printing Sale

School Savings 3D printing is a great way to bring creativity and innovation into the classroom. With our back-to-school sale, you can save on some of the supplies you need to get started. Our MG94 ABS filament is perfect for creating prototypes and models. You can save 25% on this product when you use the […]

FIRST Robotics Competition and 3D Printing in the Classroom: How They’re Changing Education

3D printing and the FIRST Robotics Competition are changing the way students learn in school. 3D printing is making it possible for students to create objects they could never have before, while the FIRST Robotics Competition is teaching students teamwork and problem-solving skills. These two technologies are helping to prepare students for the future! Background: […]

New Top-Mount Filament Spool Holder For EVO 3D Printers

download stl for evo filament spool holder

Both PLA and PETG print well in an open air environment. As such, there is frequently no need to enclose the build area. PLA in particular has more of a tendency to jam when heat is contained. The EVO series of 3D printers are designed to contain heat well for printing high-temperature materials like polycarbonate, […]

Now offering 25lb rolls in high-quality MG94 ABS for long 3D prints

Did you know that Airwolf 3D manufactures 3D printers, adhesives, accessories and even filament?  Airwolf 3D is upping the quantity of filament a user can place in their machine! Now offering 25lb rolls in high-quality MG94 ABS, long 3D prints are even easier than before. No more filament changes mid-print and no more worrying about […]

3D Printed Lithium Battery Adapter for 2014 and Up Ford Mustangs, GT350 and GT350R Mustangs

Additive manufacturing is a great tool in that it allows the quick and easy prototyping and pre-production models of all types of parts, spanning several industries. From medical to automotive, it has been used heavily throughout the past 10 years, especially as the equipment has come down in price and is more readily available. There […]

Airwolf 3D Announces the G-Series Dual Extruder Hot End

Airwolf 3D introduces its G-series dual extruder for EVO 3D printers. Starting at $945, the G-series upgrade takes the EVO, EVO R, and EVO 22 to the next level in terms of print quality and reliability by incorporating a milled teflon feeding system and stronger componentry. First and foremost, the feeding system is extensively redesigned […]

PolyMide CoPA Filament – The Nylon-Based Alternative to ABS

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Generating Support Material in 3D Printing

Support Material in 3D Printing

Apex – Generating Support Material When 3D printing models with overhangs or steep angles, the printer will extrude material under prone areas in order to keep the part from collapsing under gravity. This removable and discarded material is called SUPPORT. This article describes the process for generating support material in 3D printing. Support is easily removed […]


One of the largest automotive trade shows in the world, SEMA draws over 70,000 domestic and international buyers. The show is a place to premiere thousands of new parts, tools and components. In addition, the SEMA show provides attendees with educational seminars, product demonstrations, special events, networking opportunities and more. In short, SEMA is the […]

EVO Z Calibration With Dual Nozzle Leveling

Airwolf 3D is releasing many advanced features within the latest update of the Matrix touchscreen found on the EVO Additive Manufacturing Centers. Update version 1.65 features remote printing capabilities, easy X/Y nozzle offset calibration, Z offset and Z dual nozzle calibration. These features make it that much easier for the end-user to set up their […]

Restoring the Lotus with 3D Printing

3D Printing Lotus Parts

Restoring Lotus Automobiles with Additive Manufacturing The automotive industry is at the forefront of the additive manufacturing revolution. Ford, Porsche, GM are adding their own 3D printing divisions and are even printing end-use parts. These automotive giants are investing millions of dollars to create programs involving 3D printing integration. Lotus Prepared By Claudius is the […]

Announcement: Printer Pricing Increase

3D Printer Prices to Increase Effective July 9, 2021, prices will increase on Airwolf 3D printer models.  In line with other longstanding brands, Airwolf 3D will adjust pricing to reflect costs related to tariffs, base materials, labor, research and development, and advancements in manufacturing processes.  The following new prices represent a 6% price increase and […]

Airwolf 3D Announces Issuance of US Patent for Auto-Leveling System

Las Vegas, NV (May 4, 2021) Airwolf 3D, a research and development and manufacturing company focused on additive manufacturing, today announces the issuance of United States Patent No. 10,994,480 directed to an auto-leveling system for a three-dimensional printer. This proprietary technology is applicable to additive manufacturing centers. 3D Printer Auto-Leveling System Enhances Reliability The patent […]

Changing the Electric Vehicle Game with Additive Manufacturing – Meet ELECTRIC GT

Additive manufacturing electric vehicle components

Usually, when visiting any kind of auto shop, we think of loud engines, dirty cars, and the smell of gas. Visiting Brock Winberg and his company Electric GT is anything but, and we are surprised to find a high-end customization facility filled with rare cars which have gone through, or are currently going through, electric […]

The 3D Advantage – Racing with Tim Hunter and Airwolf 3D

3d printing race car parts

With the sound of engines revving in the distance, I knew I was in the right place. Out of a sea of trailers, I was looking for a car that was a little out of the ordinary. Not only was it one of the only front-wheel-drive race cars at Buttonwillow Raceway, CA that day, but […]