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American Innovator Saleen Using Desktop 3D Printer for Automotive Design and Rapid Development Cycle

Coolest 3D Printed Thing of the Week is the Glow Rail

coolest 3d printed things

 Featured 3D Printed Part Glo Rails Light Up the Night How It Works Constructed of 1.9-inch polycarbonate tubing (cut to order), the Glo Rails are equipped with watertight 3watt LED modules in aluminum housings, along with custom 3D printed elbows and installation hardware. The People Behind This With the help of an Airwolf 3D printer, Bryan […]

Saleen’s Tree Ornament is Magic

saleen automotive 3d prints tree ornament

What happens when you give a desktop 3D printers to talented car designers at Christmas time?  MAGIC The elves at Saleen Automotive have been hard at work designing and prototyping amazing cars, but everyone needs an occasional little break.  This holiday season, the skillful minds at Saleen took some creative liberties and made this really […]

Featured: 30″ Batmobile is Designed with 3DS Max and 3D Printed

30" 3d printed batmobile in 3DS max

December’s Featured Print is a 30” Batmobile Modeled with 3DS Max This month’s featured 3d printed model comes to us from the very talented Hector Gama. Using Autodesk 3DS Max modeling software and an Airwolf 3D desktop 3-D printer (built from a kit), Hector began the process of 3D printing out this 30” Batmobile.  Hector […]

Saleen Accelerates the Product Design Cycle

Prototyping a Saleen shiftknob design on our in-office

Saleen Automotive Uses Desktop 3D  Printer to Make 3D Printed Car Part Shiftknob Design American Innovator Saleen Automotive Accelerates the Product Design Cycle with the use of Desktop 3D Printing.  Saleen Automotive has been using an Airwolf 3D printer since October of 2013 to prototype.  They have prototyped, among other things, a custom Saleen shiftknob […]