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This section is for Airwolf 3D articles relating to the materials and filaments commonly used with Airwolf 3D printers.

3D Printing with HIPS: Tips and Tricks

3D Printing with HIPS Tips And Tricks

The Countdown To Christmas Continues with Our 25 Days of Materials, Up Next is HIPS Tis the season to be jolly, join the Wolfpack in a fun 25 Days of Materials 3D printing countdown to Christmas and learn about 25 different materials and their unique properties!  The objects to be 3D printed are part of the Advent Calendar/Christmas Tree designed […]

25 Days of Materials

25 days of materials

  3D Printing Countdown to Christmas with 25 Days of Materials Here at Airwolf 3D, we love experimenting with different materials and creating awesome 3D printed parts. Since the Holidays are around the corner, the Wolfpack decided to print an Advent Calendar designed by pleppik that contains a box for each of the 25 days of Materials in […]

Increasing the Usefulness of your 3D Printer with Mold Products

      Troy Peterson of BJB Enterprises Inc. showed us how to increase the usefulness of your 3D Printer with amazing molding techniques. These are social and educational meetups to learn about this technology, its diverse applications, with opportunities to see 3D Printers in action, show off your latest creations, learn more about open […]

Use Wolfbite 3D Printer Adhesive for Perfect Parts

Introducing Wolfbite 3D Printer Adhesive This is the first 3D printer adhesion solution developed specifically for the need of the 3D printing industry. It allows you to do something that was previously thought impossible. With Wolfbite, you can stick parts to the heat bed when it’s hot and release the adhesion completely as the parts cool […]

Airwolf 3D reviews BioFila Linen Filament

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A First Look at Biodegradable BioFila Linen Airwolf 3D recently tested bioFila Linen, an interesting new biodegradable product from the company, twoBEars in Germany. BioFila Linen does not actually contain linen fibers as is customary in many other PLA based materials. Rather, bioFila Linen is composed of organic material known as lignins that are suspended in a […]