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A 3D Printing Workshop That Really Paid Off

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL “After learning about Tinkercad at the ocMaker Summer Training given by Erick of Airwolf 3D, I decided to turn on the students to Tinkercad the first week of school to sort of hook them into the program. I taught it to my CAD and Video Game Design classes. We usually don’t start 3D printing […]

3D Printer Has Proved Invaluable to Precision Optical’s Design Process

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL “In May of 2014, Precision Optical acquired its first 3D printer, an Airwolf HDx© from Airwolf HD© ( With the addition of the 3D printer, Precision Optical has adopted new rapid prototyping, tooling, manufacturing, and engineering capabilities. The 3D printing industry has experienced massive growth over the past few years, with many in the […]

First Impressions of our New 3D Printer

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL The following morning, we gingerly walked over to the machine and to our surprise, there was a 6in 3D printed model of a cat sitting on the bed! “As a product development consultancy, we’ve been using 3D printers and rapid prototyping processes for many years now. We’ve typically used external prototyping vendors, such […]