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Why choose Airwolf 3D AXIOM?

Expensive vs Cheap 3D printers

What gives the Airwolf 3D AXIOM series a competitive advantage over the influx of low-cost 3D printers entering the market? • Dependable, proprietary hot end capable of reaching higher temperatures (320 degrees Celsius) than all other designs on the market • Auto-leveling before and during a print • Capable of reliably utilizing over 40 universal polymers • Sturdy, heated […]

Easiest 3D Printer in the World

My name is Valentina, I’m 17 and I’m currently living in Costa Mesa, California.  This summer I chose to take an internship position with Airwolf 3D to learn more about the 3D printing industry. Before I started interning at Airwolf 3D I didn’t know much about 3D printers and I would have never guessed that […]

AmphibianSkin Offers An Affordable 3D Printed Splint to Help The Healing Process

Amphibian Skin is the 3D Printed Splint of the Future AmphibianSkin is a new high-tech medical device made by 3DMedScan in Pueblo, Colorado.  3DMedScan provides 3D surface imaging services and affordable custom-fit exoskeleton support devices.  AmphibianSkin is 3D printed splint made using an Airwolf HD 3D Printer.  When Airwolf 3D staff heard about this amazing use of the […]

It Was Quite Obvious That Airwolf 3D Was The Best Investment

3d printer customer testimonial

  CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL   “Hello there! We are the proud owners of an Airwolf 3D HD Model. We purchased the unit earlier this year in April. We ultimately decided to go with Airwolf based on their diverse selection of material, upgradable design, and most important of all, their great customer support! When we took these […]

Destined To Become a Front Runner in This Industry

3D printing classes

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL “This was a great class, I was fortunate to attend the first session last week. Their products, Airwolf 3d printers, are definitely winners, this company is destined to become a front runner in this industry, with its reasonable price and outstanding service. This is a young company that definitely cares about their customers. […]