What is Carbon Fiber Filament?

The CARBONITE Series is Airwolf 3D’s line of engineering-grade carbon fiber filaments designed for industrial use. Reinforced with high-modulus carbon fiber, these filaments provide a high strength-to-weight ratio, offering advanced structural rigidity without extra weight.

Airwolf 3D’s carbon fiber filaments print beautifully and offer reduced warpage, superior chemical and thermal resistance, electrical insulating properties, and an aesthetically appealing semi-matte graphite finish.

Designed for engineers, the CARBONITE series is superb for prototypes and production parts. Choose Airwolf 3D’s carbon fiber filaments when you need the ultimate in durability and high performance.

CARBONITE Series Nylon Filament

Meet the CARBONITE Series

CARBONITE Series Nylon Filament


Take advantage of the durability and subtle flexibility of nylon, but with the added strength of carbon fiber. Unlike traditional nylons, Nylon CARBONITE offers reduced warpage for easier printing.

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Stay tuned for more carbon fiber filaments in favorite materials like ABS and PETG.

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3D Printing Carbon Fiber Filament

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