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Bones 3D Printer Helps to Solve a Murder Mystery!

Airwolf 3D HDR in Bones Murder in the Middle East

Airwolf 3D Printer on Bones In episode 19 of “Bones” airing today, Airwolf 3D printer model HDR will help the Jeffersonian team solve a murder. The episode, “Murder in the Middle East” promises to pack the usual “Bones” thrills and suspense as a powerful politician has Arastoo kidnapped in order to put him to work solving his […]

Event Announcement: 2015 Atlantic Design and Manufacturing Expo

Atlantic Design and Manufacturing Expo Banner

    Join Airwolf 3D at the Atlantic Design and Manufacturing Conference and Exhibition at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York, NY from June 9th through the 11th. Airwolf 3D will be stationed at booth #428, and dozens of technology companies will be on hand to demonstrate the latest technological advances in several medical fields including: 3D […]

Emerging Technology Vehicles with 3D Printed Parts at UCI Energy Invitational

UCI's Zeta electric car 2015 Energy Invitational

   As Far as you can, as Fast as you can, on just $1.00 of Fuel. The UCI Performance Engineering Program is preparing for its 4th annual UCI Energy Invitational on May 24th, 2015. The event will feature vehicles designed by local college and high school teams like the one shown here with District Superintendent, Mike Matsuda behind the […]

Airwolf 3D reviews BioFila Linen Filament

Facebook Friendly bioFila banner

A First Look at Biodegradable BioFila Linen Airwolf 3D recently tested bioFila Linen, an interesting new biodegradable product from the company, twoBEars in Germany. BioFila Linen does not actually contain linen fibers as is customary in many other PLA based materials. Rather, bioFila Linen is composed of organic material known as lignins that are suspended in a […]

Architects Bring Blueprints to Life with 3D Printed Architectural Models

jb architecture banner

3D rendering for Architects Have you asked yourself how do I make a 3D printed architectural model and does 3D printing have a place in architectural design? Absolutely it does! At least that’s what JB Architecture’s, Nat Ellis would say if he were asked. For nearly a year, JB Architecture, in Chichester, England has been using their Airwolf […]

How to Cold Cast with a 3D Printer

Cold Casting with 3D Printer

Cold Cast with 3D Printed Mold There are two ways to create custom objects out of metal with a 3D printer. The first option is to print the object directly with a special 3D filament that contains metallic powders such as bronze or stainless steel suspended in a matrix of plastic material. This option works great […]

ocMaker Challenge 2015 and STEM Showcase

 Join us at ocMaker Challenge 2015 Join us April 24th through the 26th at the OC Fair and Event center to witness the ocMaker Challenge 2015 and STEM/STEAM showcase brought to you by Vital Link, OC Fair Imaginology, and Airwolf 3D. The 2015 STEM & the Arts Career Showcase is a collaboration of corporate, education, and non-profit […]

Tesla Motors and Airwolf 3D to put on Tech Expo at InnovateOC Launch Party.

InnovateOC Launch InnovateOC will be hosting a launch event on Thursday, April 16th from 6:00p.m to 9:00p.m. The event is expected to bring around 200 entrepreneurial people from various industries for fun, food, and events. Airwolf 3D, TESLA Motors, and others will put on a tech expo for those in attendance. Representatives from several universities including Irvine […]

.35mm nozzle vs. .50. Which one is right for you?

.35 vs. .50 mm nozzle

.35mm Nozzle vs. .50mm. What is the difference? “Which nozzle is best? .35mm or .50mm?”. This is one of the most common questions that prospective customers have when researching their 3D printer options.  Airwolf 3D offers customers the option of purchasing .35mm nozzles but it is not always clear why they might actually prefer the .50mm nozzle over […]

Lakewood Native, Faith Lennox Tugs Heartstrings with New 3D Printed Hand.

Faith Lennox

  Hand it to Faith Seven-year old, Faith Lennox was born with a physical anomaly called compartment syndrome caused by an injury that she sustained during her birth. In Faith’s case the injury was so severe that doctors were forced to amputate her limb when she was just 6 months old.  As many parents will […]

Piping Mad Entrepreneurs Create Two Businesses with One 3D Printer.

Piping Mad Prints

It Began with a Trade In January of 2014 Kelly Green found herself seeking ways to keep herself occupied while her husband was out of town on business. A naturally gifted cookie artist, Kelly sought ways to put her skills to use. On a whim she told her husband, William, that she wanted a 3D printer […]

Airwolf 3D Lends a Helping Hand with 3D Printed Prosthetic

Airwolf 3D Creates New Prosthetic for Orange County Girl Back in December, 2014 Airwolf 3D printed over 200 prosthetic hands for children in need, and also broke a world record while doing it. This project was one of the most meaningful Airwolf 3D projects to date. Working with Robohand USA, the 3D printing company hosted […]

Rapid 3D Print Exposition 2015

2015 RAPID 3D Print Exposition SME will host the 2015 RAPID exposition at the Long Beach Exhibition Center from May 18th through the 21st. Come and chat with one of our friendly representatives at Booth 859 and stick around for a demonstration of our amazing 3D printers. The event promises to be the preeminent event in […]

Wolfpack sets new Guinness World Record in 3D Printing

Most 3D Printers Operating Simultaneously Remember back in December of 2014 how Airwolf 3D told the world that we intended to break the world record for most 3D printers operating simultaneously?…Well, we did it!! Airwolf 3D is now the official Guinness World Records™ holder for, “the most 3D printers operating simultaneously!” To be considered for […]

Local Event: “Drone Day” Lands in Southern California March 14th

First Ever International Drone Day Lands in Southern California As part of more than 115 similar drone-centric events taking place in 40 countries around the world, the first-ever Drone Day will be taking place in Los Alamitos, California on March 14th, 2015. The event is organized by Mike Rivard, CEO of RadFlight Inc. and is sponsored […]

Airwolf 3D Unveils Wolfbite Nano, Industry-Changing Adhesive Solution for Optimal PLA 3D Printing

Wolfbite™ nano banner

Costa Mesa, Calif. – Airwolf 3D today Wolfbite Nano, a premium solution specifically engineered to bond polylactic acid (PLA) plastic parts to a glass 3D printer build plate without lifting—also known in the industry as “warpage,”—and to enable smooth release of objects after printing. This new solution works well with heated and non-heated beds on […]

Airwolf 3D to attend annual CUE Conference 2015

Annual CUE Conference 2015 Airwolf 3D will attend the 2015 CUE Conference at the Palm Springs Convention Center from March 19th through March 21st. CUE is the largest education technology conference in California and will attract thousands of teachers, administrators, students, parents, and educational professionals interested in supporting student achievement through technological innovation.

Airwolf 3D to attend Orange County’s Largest Mixer XII

Orange County’s Largest Mixer XII Airwolf 3D will join Orange County’s chambers and business organizations for the Orange County’s Largest Mixer XII® on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at the OC Fair and Event Center. Hundreds of companies from a wide range of industries throughout Orange County will attend the event which promises to be Orange County’s […]

Dinjee LLC battle-tests Glo Rails™ in Monster X Tour 2015.

  As a testament to Dinjee Glo Rail’s™ strength and durability CEO Bryan Hickman decided to strap them to nearly a dozen monster trucks performing in the Monster X Tour shown in the video above. These Glo Rail-clad behemoths can be seen rampaging their way through 75 cities across North America throughout 2015. It seems like a rather extreme field test […]

3D Printed Mini-Farm Tackles Big Problems.

. Davide Sher of 3D Printing Industry recently wrote an article showcasing Mike Adams, the founder of According to the article, agricultural activist Mike Adams created a compact food production system that utilizes 3D printed components to grow food hydroponically without the need for costly electronic equipment. The Mini-Farm Grow Boxes give gardening hobbyists or homesteaders the ability […]

Why should I buy from an Airwolf 3D authorized reseller?

Why should I buy from an Airwolf 3D authorized reseller? Resellers are people or companies that purchase products from a manufacturer or wholesaler and then re-sell the merchandise for profit. But not every reseller is alike. There are freelance resellers and there are authorized resellers. Many freelance resellers are simply entrepreneurial people who find good […]

What is the Difference between t-glase and PETG?

 What is the difference between t-glase and PETG? There is frequently some confusion on the difference between T-glase and PETG. The short answer is that T-glase (pronounced TEE-Glass) is the trade name that Taulman 3D has given to their formulation of PETG, which was originally named “Taulman 810”. Technically-speaking both products are PETG, but the difference […]

The Press Telegram Guinness World Record for 3D Printing

Cerritos College students help set Guinness World Record for 3D Printing Faculty and Cerritos College students joined Airwolf 3D in setting World Record for 3D Printing, Courtesy By Josh Dulaney, Long Beach Press Telegram POSTED: 02/14/15, 8:27 PM PST | EXCERPT: Cerritos College students recently helped set a world record. Students in the community college’s new […]