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3D Printed Fixtures in Airwolf 3D’s Shipping Department Save Time

Time Saving Devices: 3D Check out these time saving devices. These are custom 3D printed fixtures which are designed and printed for the shipping department at Airwolf 3D 3D printed fixtures can save your company tons of time and money.  One of the most amazing aspects of 3D printing is how it can be utilized […]

Understanding an Industry with Erick Wolf

    Join Airwolf 3D at the Pasadena Convention Center this September 11th or 12th for the annual 3D Printshow LA. The 3D Printshow brings together leaders from the 3D printing industry.  Erick Wolf, Co-founder of Airwolf 3D and industry expert, will present the keynote speech to start off the “BUSINESS: PROGRESSING PERCEPTIONS” sessions.  Erick’s […]

The Best 3D Printer for Digital Sculptures

Why Do I Need A 3D Printer For Digital Media Arts Class? From prehistoric civilizations to this day sculpture has experienced several facets, medieval and Renaissance sculptors would work together with artisans and tended to have large workshops to perform their works. Over time many of their techniques and tools remain the same or similar. With […]

Back to School with Airwolf 3D

3d printer classroom

Back to School Blues? With summer coming to an end and the little ones going back to school, what better way to get them excited for the new school year than with these free, fun back to school Airwolf 3D stl. downloads- Bubble Wand, Ruler, Bookmark. What’s more appealing than buying new back to school supplies? Making […]

Increasing the Usefulness of your 3D Printer with Mold Products

      Troy Peterson of BJB Enterprises Inc. showed us how to increase the usefulness of your 3D Printer with amazing molding techniques. These are social and educational meetups to learn about this technology, its diverse applications, with opportunities to see 3D Printers in action, show off your latest creations, learn more about open […]

Use Wolfbite 3D Printer Adhesive for Perfect Parts

Introducing Wolfbite 3D Printer Adhesive This is the first 3D printer adhesion solution developed specifically for the need of the 3D printing industry. It allows you to do something that was previously thought impossible. With Wolfbite, you can stick parts to the heat bed when it’s hot and release the adhesion completely as the parts cool […]

Easiest 3D Printer in the World

My name is Valentina, I’m 17 and I’m currently living in Costa Mesa, California.  This summer I chose to take an internship position with Airwolf 3D to learn more about the 3D printing industry. Before I started interning at Airwolf 3D I didn’t know much about 3D printers and I would have never guessed that […]

Why can’t I get 3D-Printed Parts to Stick to the Bed

get 3D printed parts to stick to the bed

“Help, I cannot get 3D-printed parts to stick to the bed!” While most desktop 3D printers are only capable of 3D printing in a single material — usually ABS or PLA — most Airwolf 3D printers are capable of printing in over 40 different types of thermoplastic materials. There are many different strategies to improve the bond […]

Learning Carnival with 3D Printer for STEM coming to OC

3D Printer for STEM in OC

 3D Printer for STEM STEAM Carnival Twitter: #ipsfsteam The Irvine Public Schools Foundation will be hosting a STEAM Carnival at the Market Place in Tustin, California on July 18th from 2 PM to 7PM. The carnival was designed to introduce subject matter relating to Science, Technology, Education, Art, and Math (STEAM) in ways that are […]

Recognizing Airwolf 3D Printers in STEM Education

3d printers in STEM vital-link-oc

Vital Link Honors Erick Wolf with Innovative Design Award. Airwolf 3D founder, Erick Wolf received the Innovative Design Award from Vital Link OC for his participation in various youth programs that introduced students to 3D printers in STEM education. Erick and his “Wolfpack” are strong supporters of Vital Link, a non-profit organization that specializes in linking students with career […]

Architects 3D Print Dream Homes and Furnish them too.

jbArchitects Banner

  Nat Ellis, the Head of 3D Visualisation at UK-based JB Architecture, is at it again. A while back Airwolf 3D discussed how jbA was using their model HDx to improve their client’s experience by providing 3D printed models of their 2D blueprints. This novel use of 3D printing technology allowed JB Architecture to improve the customer experience by accurately conveying information in a […]

3d Printer Classes in Orange County CA

  Airwolf 3d is now offering the 4th installment of its 3D printer classes in Orange County CA. The workshop will be conducted between July 11th and 12th for students interested in developing their 3D printing knowledge and skill. Based on feedback from previous 3D Printing Workshops Airwolf 3D developed a more flexible syllabus to cater to users of […]

Making at SIGGRAPH and 3D Printing Lab in Los Angeles

2015 Airwolf 3D SIGGRAPH banner

   Twitter: #SIGGRAPH2015 , @siggraph Xroads of Discovery   The 42nd annual SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition is a five-day interdisciplinary educational experience that showcases the latest developments in computer graphics research. For the first time in SIGGRAPH history the expo will feature  contributions from the Maker community entitled, “Making @ SIGGRAPH 2015” that will feature a 3D printing lab […]

The All New AXIOM 3D Printer by Airwolf 3D

  Meet the all new AXIOM, the latest addition to the Airwolf 3D line of prosumer grade 3D printers. Airwolf 3D set a new standard of 3D printing performance when they unveiled the AXIOM at the 2015 MD&M East expo in New York, NY. Fans at the event marveled over the AXIOM’s ability to produce fast, ultra high resolution prints. At […]

Airwolf 3D introduces the all new AXIOM professional grade 3D printer series.

Airwolf 3D AXIOM blog banner

      Costa Mesa CA, 2015 June 06 – Airwolf 3D today unveils  AXIOM, its all new line of prosumer grade 3D printers. 3D printing just got easy. Airwolf 3D introduces a new desktop 3D printer, the AXIOM. Features include auto leveling, “easy feed” filament system, enclosed housing for heat containment and the end-user […]

Sycamore School teaches STEM, robotics, and 3D Printing in School.

Sycamore Junior High STEM

    RoseZetta B. Cummings, a teacher for Sycamore Junior High School, takes a multifaceted approach to teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) skills by incorporating modern robotics and 3D printing in school.  This revised take on education seems to signal a reversal in academic doctrine that once seemed hell-bent on making education little more than a process of painfully […]

Molding and Casting with a 3D Printer

BJB Enterprises Silicone Molds

Molding and Casting with a 3D Printer A while back Airwolf 3D’s Tyler Caros demonstrated how to Cold Cast metal objects using a 3D printed object as the model. The instructional blog and Video provided an excellent starting point for people who are interested in reproducing high-quality objects that require little to no finishing work. The object […]

2015 Siemens PLM Connection by PLM World

Siemens PLM Connection 2015

    Siemens PLM Connection Americas User Conference is an annual event brought to you by PLM World, Inc. The event is intended to bring together customers of Siemens PLM Software™ once a year to create a “Voice of the User” which is comprised of  product lifecycle management and networking opportunities to access to the latest product training. The […]

Bones 3D Printer Helps to Solve a Murder Mystery!

Airwolf 3D HDR in Bones Murder in the Middle East

Airwolf 3D Printer on Bones In episode 19 of “Bones” airing today, Airwolf 3D printer model HDR will help the Jeffersonian team solve a murder. The episode, “Murder in the Middle East” promises to pack the usual “Bones” thrills and suspense as a powerful politician has Arastoo kidnapped in order to put him to work solving his […]

Event Announcement: 2015 Atlantic Design and Manufacturing Expo

Atlantic Design and Manufacturing Expo Banner

    Join Airwolf 3D at the Atlantic Design and Manufacturing Conference and Exhibition at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York, NY from June 9th through the 11th. Airwolf 3D will be stationed at booth #428, and dozens of technology companies will be on hand to demonstrate the latest technological advances in several medical fields including: 3D […]

Emerging Technology Vehicles with 3D Printed Parts at UCI Energy Invitational

UCI's Zeta electric car 2015 Energy Invitational

   As Far as you can, as Fast as you can, on just $1.00 of Fuel. The UCI Performance Engineering Program is preparing for its 4th annual UCI Energy Invitational on May 24th, 2015. The event will feature vehicles designed by local college and high school teams like the one shown here with District Superintendent, Mike Matsuda behind the […]

Airwolf 3D reviews BioFila Linen Filament

Facebook Friendly bioFila banner

A First Look at Biodegradable BioFila Linen Airwolf 3D recently tested bioFila Linen, an interesting new biodegradable product from the company, twoBEars in Germany. BioFila Linen does not actually contain linen fibers as is customary in many other PLA based materials. Rather, bioFila Linen is composed of organic material known as lignins that are suspended in a […]

Architects Bring Blueprints to Life with 3D Printed Architectural Models

jb architecture banner

3D rendering for Architects Have you asked yourself how do I make a 3D printed architectural model and does 3D printing have a place in architectural design? Absolutely it does! At least that’s what JB Architecture’s, Nat Ellis would say if he were asked. For nearly a year, JB Architecture, in Chichester, England has been using their Airwolf […]