I have run out of my first roll of material, where can I buy more?

Congratulations on printing through your first roll of filament! We hope that we have provided you with all of the training and tools necessary to guide you through the initial learning phase of your 3D printing adventure. If you are interested in purchasing filament directly through Airwolf 3D we currently stock some of the most popular types of filaments here in our online store. Or, if you would like to see a list of other filaments that are approved for use in Airwolf 3D printers you may browse our Materials and Filaments page.

Before ordering filaments with which you are unfamiliar, you will want to ensure that your print head (AKA the “nozzle”, or the “hotend”) can achieve the necessary temperature to melt the material that you plan on using. You can reference the right-hand column on the following Materials and Filaments page to determine if your print head is capable of printing with your selected material. This compatibility portion of this table refers to the user’s print head. Many users have opted to upgrade their print head but by default these are the model designations:

HDx: JRx
HD2x: JR2x

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