How to Update Firmware in the Gen6 and RAMBo Circuit Boards Using Arduino

Periodically Airwolf updates the firmware in the 5.5 and XL machines to take advantage of faster and more accurate control algorithms as well as to enhance the user experience.

The 5.5 uses a bulletproof Gen6 circuit board while the XL uses an equally strong, feature-laden RAMBo circuit board from Ultimachine.  The Gen6 uses Repetier-based firmware (with custom settings) while the RAMBo board uses Marlin-based firmware (also with custom settings).  Updating the firmware for both is similar, starting with Arduino 23 (use version 23 ONLY).

Gen6 only – You will also need to download the Sanguino 0023 library.  After downloading, manually drop the “Sanguino” folder into your Arduino “hardware” folder:


Now follow these steps (after disconnecting your host software from the printer):

1.Open up Arduino 23


2.  Select the port your device is on:


3. Select the type of board you are using (for Gen6 select “Sanguino w/ ATmega644P”, for RAMBo, select “Arduino Mega 2560,” as shown below):


4. Now select File, click Open and then navigate to the firmware from the flashdrive (or other location) as follows (the process is identical, except for the firmware name, for Gen6):



5.  With the proper firmware selected, click the Upload arrow to transfer the firmware to your circuit board:



6.  Once you get the message “Done uploading” you are finished uploading your firmware.  Now connect your host software and you will be back to printing!

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