How Do I Install the RAMBo Driver for My 3D Printer?

Installing the RAMBo Driver

1. Plug your printer into your computer with the USB cable. Also, insert the Airwolf USB stick provided with the printer.

2. In the “Control Panel”, open up “Device and Printers”. Under “Unspecified”, you should see a device labeled “RAMBo”. Right-click the device and select “Properties”.

3d printer driver 11

3. A second window will appear. Under the second tab labeled “Hardware”, select “Properties”.

3d printer driver 11 (1)

4. A third window will appear. Under the first tab labeled “General”, select “Update Driver”.

3d printer driver 11 (3)

5. A fourth window will appear. Select “Browse my computer for driver software”.

3d printer driver 11 (4)

6. Select the “Browse” button.

3d printer driver 11 (5)

7. Browse for the Airwolf USB stick. Select the folder “Rambo Driver” and select “OK”.

3d printer driver 11 (6)

8. That window will close and return to this screen. Select “Next”.

3d printer driver 11 (7)

9. Another screen may appear and say “Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software”. Select “Install this driver software anyway”

3d printer driver 11 (8)

10)  If installed correctly, this is the screen you should see. Select “Close”, “Close”, and “OK”.

3d printer driver 11 (9)

11)  Now in your “Devices and Printers”, under “Unspecified”, this is the screen you should see. The “(COM17)” is dependent on what USB port you plugged the printer into. So yours may be a different COM number.

3d printer rambo driver 11

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