HD Direct Drive Unboxing and Setup

Quick Start Guide for the Airwolf 3D HD Direct Drive Printer

Congratulations on purchasing an Airwolf 3D HD Direct Drive Printer! In this video, we will show you how to unbox your new Airwolf 3D HD Direct Drive 3D printer and run your first print.

You will need a pair of scissors, a razor blade, and some cutters.

1. First, remove the tape by cutting it with a razor blade then open the box. Remove the top foam followed by the accessory box.

HD Direct Drive Setup

2. Place both hands on each side of the printer on the handles of the acrylic frame.

HD Direct Drive Unboxing

3. Set your printer on a table, locate the zip ties holding the belts, cut the ties off with your cutters and remove the belt locks.

How to Set up HD Direct Drive Printer

4. While holding the extruder assembly, cut the orange zip ties to release the assembly.

HD Extruder Assembly

5. Set the extruder assembly on top of the gantry. Take the three screws and the 4mm Allen wrench from your accessory box. Attach the extruder assembly to the gantry using these screws.


6. Connect the guide tube to the top of the extruder and the other end to the back panel.

Guide Tube

7. Plug your printer in and turn it on.

Turn on HD Direct Drive Printer

8. Using the LCD screen, navigate to the “Auto home” command. The bed assembly will move up and you will be able to remove the bottom piece of foam. Finish removing the foam by taking the side foam off.

How to Remove Foam

9. Using the LCD, navigate to the “Move Axis” command and move the bed down about 10 to 20 mm.

How to Move Z Axis

10. On the LCD, select the “Preheat ABS” feature. Get your filament ready by cutting it to a point.

Preheat ABS

11. Mount the filament to the left spool holder on your printer and feed it through the back port up to the tube entry.

Load Filament

12. Keep pushing the filament through the tube until it reaches the extruder. Turn the large gear clockwise until you see the material start to come out through the nozzle.

How to Load Filament

13. Remove the glass from the accessory box and prepare it by applying a coat of the included Wolfbite Bed Adhesion Solution.

Prepare Glad With Bed Adhesive

14. Place the glass on top of the heat bed and secure it using the four clips included in the accessory box. Make sure the clips are positioned on the four corners of the bed. Place the left front clip four inches from the edge to allow enough space for the hot end to move into the “home” position.

How to Clip Glass to Bed

15. Remove the SD card from the SD card adapter and insert it into the slot on the LCD display. On the menu, select “Change SD card.” Now select “Print from SD” and then click on your desired file.

Start Your Print

You’re all finished! Your print will begin shortly.

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