How to Convert and Export Google SketchUp SKP Files to STL for 3D Printing

1. Open the model you would like to export.

Export Model to STL

2. Go to Window → Extension Warehouse

Sketchup 3D Printing Extensions

3. Select SketchUp STL in the right menu titled Top Extensions. Click on the red Download button.

Download SketchUp STL

4. Log in to your account.

SketchUp for 3D Printing

5. Click the red Install button to begin the installation.

Install SketchUp SKP to STL

6. Accept the Terms and Conditions and hit the Confirm button.

Export SketchUp SKP to STL

7. Sketchup will ask to access your file system on your computer. Hit OK.

Install SketchUp Extension for exporting as STL

8. Sketchup will now notify you that the extension has been successfully installed. Hit OK.

Install Google Sketchup Extension for 3D Printing

9. Close the Extension Warehouse. In Sketchup, go to FILE -> Export STL

Export SKP to STL

10. In the STL Export Options window, Select Millimeters for Model Units, and Binary for file format.

Google SketchUp STL Export Options

SKP to STL Import File Format

11. Save your file. Make sure to type the .STL file extension after the file name. That’s it! You’re done!

Convert Google SketchUp file to STL

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