How to slice your STL files in Repetier Host with Slic3r

Once you upgrade your host software to Repetier Host, you need to learn how to slice your STL in Repetier Host (rather than downloading and opening up Slic3r independently).  Here are the easy steps to get you slicing in no time:

1. With Repetier Host open, click the “Slicer” tab on the right hand side of the screen:

3d printer repetier7

2. Click “Configure” (for Slic3r, not Skeinforge) and Slic3r will open in a few moments:

3d printer repetier2

3.  With Slic3r open, navigate to File, “Load Configuration”

3d printer repetier3

4. Now select the file in the USB drive that you would like to load (this should be under “9.10b configurations”)

3d printer repetier4

5.  Your configurations are now populated for “Print Settings”, “Filament Settings”, and “Printer Settings” – these subjects are divided so that you can mix and match at a later time (for instance, you may want to use PLA as a Filament Setting, but change the Print Settings to something faster)

3d printer repetier5

6. VERY, VERY IMPORTANT!!! – select Print Settings and press the save icon.

3d printer repetier6

7. Now go ahead and select the Filament Settings and ALSO press the save icon.  Finally, select Printer Settings and ALSO press the save icon.  This is crucial to getting all the settings back to your Repetier Host screen.  If you only select one of these settings, the rest of the settings WILL NOT populate in Repetier Host.

8.  From Repetier Host, you can now select the appropriate drop downs and slice away.  Import additional configurations so that you can vary your slicing as necessary!

repetier host for Airwolf 3D printer

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