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Get this Classic 3D Printer While You Still Can: The XL by Airwolf 3D

Want a great deal on a classic 3D printer? Get an Airwolf 3D XL printer [...]

‘MacGyver’ Dad 3D-Prints Historic Church for Daughter’s 4th Grade Project

Like many parents of school-age children in California, Troy Peterson’s daughter came home needing help [...]

Project Mustang 5.0: 3D-Printed Bypass Pipe for Leaking Heater Core

Airwolf 3D Co-Founder/CTO Erick Wolf kicks off Project Mustang 5.0 by repairing a leaky heater [...]

Airwolf 3D products empower users to successfully 3D print in polypropylene

Can you 3D print in polypropylene?  Yes, you can now with Airwolf 3D’s polypropylene filament [...]

Meet the CARBONITE Series

Airwolf 3D is excited to bring you the CARBONITE Series, our new line of carbon [...]

HD/XL Users: Buy One Glass, Get One Glass Free!

HD and XL users, we have a deal created specially for you! For a limited [...]

How to Make a PLA Part Shiny: Dual-Color Soccer Bear Keychains

How to make a PLA part shiny and smooth When 3D printing, it’s important to [...]

Happy Birthday to us! Airwolf 3D celebrates 5th year in business with special filament offer

It’s a big day today for the Wolfpack! We’re celebrating Airwolf 3D’s fifth year in [...]

New limited edition 3D-printed fidget spinners raise ADHD awareness

As you probably already know, 3D-printed fidget spinners are all the rage — making their [...]

You are Invited! Southern California 3D Printing Students Show off Hundreds of Inventions at 2016-2017 ocMaker Challenge

3D Printing Without Limits Go back in time to your childhood, find a period of [...]

Old, failed, and broken 3D prints find new life in non-profit learning center for kids

As you might have imagined, the Wolfpack prints a LOT of things every single day. [...]

Wildly popular fidget spinners inspire kids to learn

As you probably already know, “fidget spinners” are all the rage right now. Similar to [...]

How a photographer saved money with 3D printing

Our customers always amaze us with the innovative, beautiful creations that they make with their [...]

Post-Processing Techniques: Make a 3D Print Look Like Stone

Ever wonder how to make a 3D print look like stone? Try out this easy [...]

Meet the AXIOM All-in-One System!

Airwolf 3D is excited to offer our new AXIOM All-in-One System. Designed for professionals and [...]

Airwolf 3D rewards loyal customers with 3D Printer Trade-In Program

Updated March 8, 2018. Loyal Airwolf 3D customers, you know we love you! That’s why [...]

Print the impossible with NEW HydroFill Water-Soluble Support by Airwolf 3D

Airwolf 3D disrupts the 3D printing industry as it announces the release of HydroFill Water-Soluble [...]

Thank you for a great year!

What a year it has been at Airwolf 3D! We are always running hard here [...]

3D Printing Automotive Parts on Demand

A prospective customer recently approached Wolfpack Team Member and Airwolf 3D Sales Engineer Jack Licorish [...]

5 Easy Steps to 3D Print a Ukulele: A Dual Extrusion Case Study

Airwolf 3D Wolfpack Team Member Eva Wolf shares her latest project: A custom-made ukulele that [...]

Airwolf 3D releases Wolfbite ULTRA™, the first 3D printing adhesive for industrial-grade polypropylene


Five fun 3D prints to get you in the holiday spirit

With the crush of gift shopping and stress of holiday entertaining, it is difficult sometimes [...]

Brace Yourselves: Cyber Monday 3D Printer Deals are Coming!

UPDATE: Our Cyber Monday has become Cyber WEEK at Airwolf 3D! You now have until [...]

Introducing the new Airwolf 3D Anti-Static ESD Mat for 3D Printers

New Anti-Static ESD Mat for 3D printers protects equipment from static damage This may come [...]

Use 3D printing to upgrade your Thanksgiving dinner!

As you can imagine, Airwolf 3D has a LOT of printers continuously running at our [...]

Gorgeous 3D-printed Lion King masks ready for stage debut

St. Margaret’s creates 3D printed masks for upcoming stage production As a company dedicated to [...]

The Little Designer teaches kids (and parents!) how to 3D print

Nestor Llanos recently stopped by Airwolf 3D headquarters to share a copy of his new [...]

Airwolf 3D AXIOM ranked best 3D printer by Top Ten Reviews!

The popular review and product comparison website Top Ten Reviews recently came out with it’s [...]

Marching Cubes: An Interactive 3D-Printed Art Installation

Wolfpack team members from Airwolf 3D recently got the most incredible behind-the-scenes look at Artist [...]

Customizing on top of Customizing with West Coast Customs and Airwolf 3D at SEMA 2016

You may have heard that Airwolf 3D was at SEMA this week in Las Vegas [...]