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Airwolf 3D Unveils New Premium Adhesive Solution for 3D Printing

Inside 3D Printing 2014 COSTA MESA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Airwolf 3D today announced Wolfbite, a new premium [...]

Smoothing STL files made in Sketchup with Blender for 3D printing

In This Article: A Word About SketchUp A Neat Tip for Smoothing STL Files The [...]

AmphibianSkin Offers An Affordable 3D Printed Splint to Help The Healing Process

In This Article: The Inspiration For Amphibianskin Patients Can Immobilize Wrists And Thumbs And Still [...]

Pimp My Pumpkin With 3D Printed Parts 2014 Downloads

 3D Printing and the Halloween Spirit Hello!  Now with summer gone and the cool fall weather [...]

It Was Quite Obvious That Airwolf 3D Was The Best Investment

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL “Hello there! We are the proud owners of an Airwolf 3D HD Model. [...]

Large PLA Enclosure Prototype

Printed on the HDL 3d printer by Airwolf 3D. The complete part is about 2 [...]

Synnex Global Logo 3D Print

Synnex Global logo printed by Airwolf 3D’s own Miles Craig on the Airwolf 3D HD2x [...]

H&J Precision & BajaMak 2014

Airwolf 3D and H&J Precision Bring Best-in-Class 3D Printing to Baja This October 23rd, Airwolf 3D [...]

Long Beach Design-2-Part Show

  Meet Quality Suppliers and Find Solutions The largest design and contracting manufacturing show in Southern [...]

12. Students Will Create a Bridge That Supports The Most Amount of Net Weight

The Bridge Challenge   Standards 3-PS2 Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions 3-PS2-1 Motion and [...]

Join Airwolf 3D At The Riverside Robot Expo On Saturday October 11!

Don’t Miss Out On The Ultimate Robot Expo!! “The Riverside Robotics Society is a group [...]

A Kickstarter Launch Joins Forces With 3D Printing!

By Using 3D Printing, SevaStone Created Their Kickstarter Prototypes! “At SevaStone, we’ve designed a system [...]

13. Students Will Design a Single Die That Meets The Symmetry and Dimension Requirements

Roll The Dice   Standards Symmetry CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.4.G.A.3 Constructions CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.HSG.CO.D.12CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.HSG.CO.D.13 Standards for Mathematical Practice CCSS.MATH.PRACTICE.MP1: Make [...]

14. Students Will Design and Produce a Transilluminator

NICU Transilluminator Standards Circuitry Geometry Volume Surface Area Standards for Mathematical Practice CCSS.MATH.PRACTICE.MP1: Make sense [...]

AW3D HD2X Video

Video of the all-new HD2x from Airwolf 3D. The HD2x is a dual color, dual [...]

Win The Airwolf 3D HD2X In Our 3D Printer Contest!

Win an Airwolf 3D HD2X Printer in our 3D Printer Contest Facebook Giveaway! 2X the [...]

Intro Group Weekend Workshop

Group 3D Printing Class for Beginners Airwolf 3D is proud to offer a 3D printing [...]

Destined To Become a Front Runner in This Industry

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL “This was a great class, I was fortunate to attend the first session [...]

Airwolf 3D Training Schedule for October 2014 3D printing classes

3D Printing Class October 2014 Airwolf 3D is offering its third installment of 3D printing [...]

A 3D Printing Workshop That Really Paid Off

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL “After learning about Tinkercad at the ocMaker Summer Training given by Erick of [...]

Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo Santa Clara 2014

Airwolf 3D Will be an exhibitor at this event in Santa Clara. OCTOBER 21-23, 2014 [...]

3D Printing and STEM Education at the 2014 STEM Symposium in San Diego

Create a powerful STEM learning experience by hosting a Student 3D Printer Maker Challenge! We [...]

3D Printer Has Proved Invaluable to Precision Optical’s Design Process

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL “In May of 2014, Precision Optical acquired its first 3D printer, an Airwolf [...]

We love these printers!

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL “We want to share our printed objects ! We made them with the [...]

Every print comes out clean and perfect on the HDx2

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL “After just over 24 hours of using the HDx2 printer and running about [...]

First Impressions of our New 3D Printer

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL The following morning, we gingerly walked over to the machine and to our [...]

Our Favorite 3D Printer Reviews

The 3D Printing industry is still carving out it’s place in the world, so naturally it can [...]

Airwolf‘s Multi Material 3D Printer Visits Seattle!

Airwolf’s HD2x multi-material 3D printer showcased its abilities at the 3D Printer World Expo in Seattle [...]