From automotive design firms to hot rod shops, find out how 3D printing saves time and money.

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dual extrusion 3d printer

Ideal for automotive design

The chief designer and founder of Airwolf 3D brings 30+ years of hands-on automobile experience to the table. Years of skill that only can be developed by building Porsches and Saabs from the ground up are visible in the quality of Airwolf 3D printers. Discover why Airwolf 3D printers are widely accepted as the best 3D printer for automotive rapid prototyping.

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Print auto parts on demand

Save time, money, and hassle by 3D printing custom parts on demand. The Airwolf 3D AXIOM is the only desktop 3D printer in its price class that successfully prints in over 40 different materials, including polycarbonate, polypropylene, TPU, TPE, and more.

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3D Printed Car Parts

the latest on 3d printing for automotive use

Airwolf 3D Printers at SEMA!

3D Printers at SEMA The Wolfpack is currently in fabulous Las Vegas for SEMA 2016! [...]

How Airwolf 3D Printers Make Saleen Muscle Cars Even Faster

High-performance muscle cars G-forces push you back in your seat. You shift effortlessly through the [...]

Emerging Technology Vehicles with 3D Printed Parts at UCI Energy Invitational

   As Far as you can, as Fast as you can, on just $1.00 of [...]

Saleen Accelerates the Product Design Cycle

Saleen Automotive Uses Desktop 3D  Printer to Make 3D Printed Car Part Shiftknob Design American [...]

3D Printing Automotive Parts on Demand

A prospective customer recently approached Wolfpack Team Member and Airwolf 3D Sales Engineer Jack Licorish [...]

Airwolf 3D releases Wolfbite ULTRA™, the first 3D printing adhesive for industrial-grade polypropylene


3D Printed Lithium Battery Adapter for 2014 and Up Ford Mustangs, GT350 and GT350R Mustangs

Additive manufacturing is a great tool in that it allows the quick and easy prototyping [...]

Restoring the Lotus with 3D Printing

Restoring Lotus Automobiles with Additive Manufacturing The automotive industry is at the forefront of the [...]

The 3D Advantage – Racing with Tim Hunter and Airwolf 3D

With the sound of engines revving in the distance, I knew I was in the [...]

Factory Five Roadster – Volume 5 3D Printing and Tooling Case Study: Steering Rack Stops

 As we move along swiftly with project Project Factory Five Cobra, we’ve found another [...]

Factory Five Roadster – Volume 4 – 3D Printing and Tooling Case Study: Timing Seal Installer

In this installment of Project Factory Five Cobra, we’ll be discussing replacing the timing cover [...]

Factory Five Roadster – Volume 3 – 3D Printing Tooling: Ford Mustang Rear Axle Seal Installer

Working on cars like Project Cobra can be very rewarding.  However, at times there will [...]

Performance-increasing Airbox Lid For Honda Trx 450er – A Case Study in Additive Manufacturing, Design, Construction, and Implementation

A Case Study in Additive Manufacturing, Design, Construction, and Implementation The Honda TRX450ER is one [...]

Factory Five Roadster – Volume 1 – 3D Printing A Muffler Mockup

Airwolf was started for the purpose of making prototype parts for automobiles.  However, before we [...]


This is a one-page informational sheet for automotive 3d printing.  Read this for a quick overview of 3d printing in the automotive sector.

3D Printing for Automotive One Sheet