The follow will instruct you on how to upgrade your v2 printer JR/JRx hot end to the JR2x (dual) hot end. To check what version printer you have, please refer to the solution HD Series- v1 or v2?.

For instructions on software, please follow instructions in the MANUAL – HD2x.


1) Heat the nozzle and remove the filament from the extruder/printer

2) Close the extruder assembly

3) Turn off and unplug the printer

4) Remove the six M6 screws from the back panel

  • Set the screws aside, you will need them for later

5) Remove the back panel and set aside

6) Pull the extruder pin, release the latch,

  • Set the extruder pin aside
  • Remove the PTFE tubing from the adapter

7) Unplug the hot end wires (3) [grey cord] and the extruder motor wires (1 plug)

-Step 3 to remove the connector “E0-Motor”

-Step 6 to remove the connectors “Heat 0”, “Fan 0” and “T0”

8) Unwrap the grey cord from the extruder motor wires

  • Pull the grey cord through the slot under the extruder motor
  • The hot end will still be attached to the machine but all the wires will be now unplugged

9) Remove the current hot end from the cross rod (Make sure to cut the 2 zip ties if they are still on your hot end)

  • First release the hot end from the bearing in the X ­Direction, do this by rotating the head around the y bearing
  • Then release the hot end from the bearing in the Y ­Direction (back to front)
  • The current hot end should be completely separated from the printer and can be set aside

10) Now you will need the 2nd extruder assembly, the 3 button head screws and a 2.5 mm allen wrench

11) Hold the extruder assembly in the top corner and thread the two shorter screws (M3x20) through the top

panel and into the extruder assembly

  • Make sure to start the threads without pressing the nuts out of their hex slots
  • Just start the screws and leave them a little loose

12) Screw in the longer screw (M3x35) through the inner side panel and into the extruder assembly

13) Then tighten all 3 screws until they are snug

14) Next, change the back half of the bearing holder (this can be accessed through the back of the printer)

  • Notice that the 2 screws are different lengths (longer screw on top, shorter screw on bottom)
  • Make sure the screws are snug and the printed part is pointed in the right direction

15) Feed the grey cord through the slot under the extruder motor

16) Plug in the hot end wires (4) [grey cord] and the second extruder motor

-Follow step 3 for “E0 ­Motor” and “E1­ Motor”

          -Follow step 6 for “Heat 0”, “Fan 0”, “T0”, “T1”

  • Pay close attention to the orientation of the plugs using the different color wires
17) Attach JR2x hot end to the cross rods
  • First, clamp the hot end on the y axis bearing from back to front. Make sure the E-clip is pointing down and it lines up with the grove in the bearing slot. Also make sure to lift up as you push down as to not bend the rod. This may require significant force.
  • Then clamp the hot end onto the x axis bearing from right to left
  • Here is how it should look when done
18) Press the PTFE tubing into the plastic white adapter (make sure it is bottomed out inside the adapter)          
  • Insert the E-­clip into the plastic white adapter
  • Do this for both extruders
19) Calibrating the nozzle height
20) Updating the firmware
  • Please follow the solution for the software you are using

Updating Firmware with MatterControl

          –Updating Firmware with Cura
21) Testing the JR2x
  • Use the VIKI to test the hot end by using the “Preheat PLA” function
  • This will heat the nozzle and run the extruder fan
  • Wait till the nozzle heats up to 220C. If successful and the fan is running smoothly, then turn the printer off.
22) Calibrating the printer
23) Finishing Assembly
  • Once everything is working correctly and properly, put the back new panel back on the printer

Because you have upgraded your printer with the JR2x, the new software instructions can be
found in the MANUAL – HD2x

Please open a Tech Ticket if you have any questions or need assistance with this process.