SketchUp- Importing an STL File (2014)

SketchUp- Importing an STL File (2014)


The following will provide you step by step instructions for importing an STL file into Sketchup. The STL importer plugin for SketchUp is used to edit STL files from other computer aided drafting software, such as CAD, Solidworks, etc. You will also need this plugin to export a file from SketchUp for 3D printing.


1) In the top menu, go to “Window.” Click on “Extension Warehouse.”  A new window will now open.

2) In the menu on the right side of the window, click on “SketchUp STL.” Click the large red “Install” button on the right side. You will now be prompted to log in to your Google account. After logging in, click “Install” again.

3) Accept the terms and click “Confirm.” Click “Install” for a third time to start the installation.

4) A window will come up and warn you that this extension will have access to the file system on your computer, click “yes.” SketchUp will now tell you that the Extension has been installed properly and that it is ready to use.

5) Back to SketchUp, use the file drop down menu and select “Import”

6)  A window will pop up asking you to select the file to open.  From the “Files of type” drop down menu, select “STereo Lithography Files (*.stl)”.  Next, select your file name and click “Open.”

Congratulations!  You have just imported an STL file into SketchUp!