RAMBo Detailed Wiring Diagram

RAMBo Detailed Wiring Diagram


This is a detailed wiring diagram of the RAMBo Circuit Board, with instructions on how each component connects to the board, fuse locations, and other information relevant to its use on our printers.

1) RAMBo Circuit Board (no wires):


2) RAMBo Circuit Board Wiring Diagram:


3) Motor Wiring Diagram:

  • X-Motor (red wire on the right)
  • Y-Motor (red wire on the right)
  • Z-Motor (red wire on the right)
  • E0-Motor (red wire on the right)
  • E1-Motor (red wire on the right) [only if dual head]



4) Limit Switch Wiring Diagram:

  • X-Min
  • X-Max
  • Y-Min
  • Y-Max
  • Z-Min
  • Z-Max


5) Fuse Diagram:

  • Motor Fuse [identical to the Hot End Fuse]
  • Hot End Fuse (Resistor) [identical to the Motor Fuse]
  • Heat Bed Fuse [large blue fuse]


6) Hot End and Heated Bed Wiring Diagram:

  • Nozzle Heater
  • Extruder Fan
  • Thermistor T0 (Nozzle 1)
  • Thermistor T1 (Nozzle 2) [only if dual head]
  • Bed Heater
  • Thermistor T2 (Bed)
**NOTE: Your thermistor wires may not be exactly the same color, depending on whether you have a dual-head or single-head printer.**


7) VIKI LCD Screen Wiring Diagram:


Wire Group 1

White Yellow Yellow Black


Wire Group 2

Green White
Red Blue

Wire Group 3

Green Blue Black Red

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