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Connecting to a Printer- RAMBo Driver



This solution will walk you through how to connect your computer to your printer. This only applies for XL, HDL, HD, HDx and HD2x printers. The RAMBo driver will need to be installed on the computer that is going to be used to run/communicate with the printer. If you start using a different computer, you will need to make sure the RAMBo driver is installed on the new computer.

MAC: If you have a Mac, you can skip this entire section and go straight to the software. A Mac will automatically find and install the driver. If you use Repetier- Host, you will need to go to the printer settings and set the “Baud Rate” to 250,000.

PC: If you have a PC, you will need to install the RAMBo driver manually and the steps below will walk you through it. Windows 8 and 8.1 will need to start at step #1. Windows 7 and previous versions will start at step #7.



1.Setting Button
Move the cursor to the bottom right corner hold for 2-3 seconds, till side task bar appears and select the

Gear icon “setting.”

2.Change PC Settings
select “Change PC Settings”
If you see “General” come up, select it and proceed to step 4
3B. Update and Recovery
If you do not see the “General” option, select “Update and Recovery”

4.Advanced Startup > Restart Now
Scroll down and select “Restart Now” under “Advanced Startup”
5.Troubleshoot > Advanvced Options> Startup Settings
After selecting “startup Settings,” select Restart”
6.Restart > Choose Option 7
The PC will Restart. Upon startup, click the “7” on the keyboard.
7.Install RAMBo Driver
Proceed to Install The RAMBo driver
8.Plug the printer into the computer with the USB cable. Insert the Airwolf 3D USB drive (came with the printer)
into the the computer.
9.In the “Control Panel,” open “Devices and printers.” Under Unspecified,” you should see a device labeled “RAMBo.”
Right click the device and Select Properties.”
10.A second window will appear. Under the second tab labeled “Hardware,” select “Properties.”11.A third window will appear. Under the first tab labeled “General,” select Update Driver.”

12.A fourth window will appear. select “browse my computer for driver software.”

13.Select the “Browse” button

14.Browse for Airwolf USB stick. Select the folder “RAMBo Driver” and select “OK.”

15.The window will close and return to the “search for Drivers” screen.16.Another screen may appear and say “windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software.” Select “Install this driver
software anyway.”
17.If installed correctly, this is the screen you should see. Select “close -> Close,” and “OK”18.Now in your “devices and Printer.” under “Unspecified,” this screen should show. If installed correctly, you will see a COM number.
The “(com17” is dependent on what USB port on the computer the printer is plugged into. Yours may display a different COM number.