What is a Desktop 3D Printer?

In a nutshell, it is a desktop factory capable of performing additive manufacturing for personal and professional use. A 3D printer creates objects out of plastic by heating up and laying down very thin layers of a material called “filament.”

In the past, if you needed a prototype, the only alternative was to use the professional services of a very high-end machine (costing $100,000’s).The costs of 3D printers has gone down in recent years, making the technology available to the masses for consumer and professional use.

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Meet the EVO

Industrial 3D printer


We released the EVO with the tagline, “Don’t call it a 3D printer.” While the EVO is, technically, a 3D printer, its capabilities, design, and construction elevate it to a new level of desktop manufacturing. The only machine in its price class with metal printing capability, air filtration, and internal chamber heaters for printing large parts in high-temperature materials, the EVO embodies the EVOlution of 3D printing.

The EVO is the ideal solution for those looking to buy a 3D printer for demanding industrial applications.

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Meet the axiom series


Bigger. Faster. Tougher. The AXIOM 20 is designed for industrial applications and features AXIOM series technology with ruggedized steel- and aluminum-intensive construction. With its towering 20-inch Z-Axis, AXIOM 20 is the largest, most advanced desktop 3D priner in its price class.

Large Format 3D Printer ➔
dual extrusion 3d printer with direct drive


Our flagship 3D printer, AXIOM Dual Direct Drive is the culmination of years of refining our technology. Designed to produce complex parts, the AXIOM Dual features two independently controllable, high-temperature hot ends that print in over 40 different materials, including traditionally difficult-to-print materials like polycarbonate, polypropylene, TPE, and TPU. Perfect for demanding professional and consumer use.

Dual Extruder 3D Printer ➔


Named the Best Printer of 2016, the AXIOM Direct Drive is a single-head printer that features Airwolf 3D’s signature suite of features.An ideal 3D printer for prototyping, manufacturing, and more advanced personal and hobbyist use.

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3D Printer for Automotive
Best 3D Printer for Education


Created specifically for use in schools, the AXIOMe features an enclosed build chamber with an unheated print bed for increased safety and ease-of-use. Also a great option for casual hobbyists.

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White glove Service

At Airwolf 3D, we build exceptional machines — and provide exceptional customer service to ensure your machine runs flawlessly. All new Airwolf 3D printers are backed by a 12-month parts and labor limited warranty and six months of unlimited White Glove Service Phone Support. Extended Warranty Support plans also available.

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