Leveraging the Pause and Resume 3D Printing Feature for Long Prints


The Power of Pause and Resume in 3D Printing

At Airwolf 3D, we pride ourselves on the advanced features of our EVO 2X 3D printer, especially when it comes to handling extensive projects. This printer is specifically engineered to produce large components from robust engineering materials like ABS and polycarbonate. Currently, we’re in the midst of a significant project: a 50-hour print producing an 8 lb ABS component. By the way, we also offer ABS in 25 lb spools.

What if you need to leave your workspace during a prolonged print?

With the EVO TouchScreen 1.71 and later versions, we’ve integrated a 3D Printer Pause Feature. This long print pause option allows users to halt their printing process and resume it later without any loss of progress. Let’s explore this feature further.


Upon activating the PAUSE 3D print midway feature, you’ll notice the bed’s descent, the head’s alignment, and a drop in temperature. This puts the machine in hibernation mode, ensuring the print remains intact. Especially beneficial for those prints using materials like ABS, the bed remains heated just enough to keep the material adhered to the print surface. Note: Be sure to apply Wolfbite to the build surface when starting the print job.

After a short break, we return to find the EVO 2X in its paused state, with the bed maintaining its warmth.

Now, by simply selecting the RESUME option, the printing process picks up right where it left off. The PAUSE feature ensures that all settings, including chamber heat, fan speeds, and head temperatures, remain consistent when the print resumes.

PAUSE is effective for up to 18 hours and is compatible with any EVO 3D printer equipped with firmware 1.71 or later. This capability underscores the importance of flexibility and control in 3D printing, ensuring that even during long prints, users have the power to manage their projects effectively. Now, you can pause and resume 3D printing jobs the next day.

RestoreFilament Run Out/Jam– Resume printing from where failure occurred. More Info1. Restore
2. Remove, Load, and/or Prime
3. Toggle X/Y then Z
4. Restore
PausePause/ Continue long jobs– Pause long print jobs, keeping part adhered to a warm bed. More Info1. Pause
2. Resume
RestartPower Outage/StopResume printing after a power outage or accidental stop. More info1. Print last file
2. Restart where left off