New Top-Mount Filament Spool Holder For EVO 3D Printers

download stl for evo filament spool holder

Both PLA and PETG print well in an open air environment. As such, there is frequently no need to enclose the build area. PLA in particular has more of a tendency to jam when heat is contained.

The EVO series of 3D printers are designed to contain heat well for printing high-temperature materials like polycarbonate, nylon, and ABS. However, the heat containment may cause PLA to jam. Airwolf recommends removing the printer top to help ventilate the build chamber. Even so, when PLA is left in the PTFE guide tubes, it can harden and crack over time due to the thermal cycles in the printer.

Airwolf’s new Top-Mount Spool Holder for EVO printers provides a solution by locating the printing filament outside and above the printing area. For PLA and PETG in particular, this is a win-win solution as it is not necessary to contain heat inside the build chamber. The filament can be run from the spool holder in two different manners. The easiest way is to run the filament straight off the roll and into the print head. For short prints, this works well and is easy to manage.

For longer, and perhaps larger, prints, using a 1/4” OD, 3/16″ ID tube in 36″ length is a foolproof way to feed the filament. The tube helps keep a constant distance between the filament roll and the print head, eliminating the possibility of filament snags or print inconsistency.

The spool holder can also be mounted in three different positions on the EVO printers (left, center, and right):

Some users may prefer to print out three holders and mount them in all three locations. Existing bolts holes are utilized and M3x16mm cap screws will work best for securing the spool holders to the frame.

Download the STL here: Download

Filament Spool Holder For EVO 3D Printers