Celebrating 10 Years of Innovation

As Airwolf 3D celebrates ten years of uninterrupted service to the manufacturing and educational communities, we take this opportunity to thank you for helping us succeed.

It’s been ten years since Airwolf 3D first began offering 3d printers, and you have been the best customers! Ten years ago today, Airwolf 3D opened its doors for business; our first customers were early innovators, tinkerers, hobbyists, inventors, dreamers and educators. Today our customer base has widened to include professional-grade additive manufacturing equipment. We owe a debt of thanks to our business associates who have made our first 10 years such a success.

As we have grown we have worked hard to offer our customers the same quality equipment that made Airwolf 3D a newly recognized name in the industry in 2012. Although our product line has grown and changed, we continue to follow our original corporate goals:
* Innovate boldly
* Create products and job opportunities in the US
* Support educational opportunities for tomorrows workforce

The chart below gives a brief history of the company and describes our “History of Firsts.” The future has never looked brighter for additive manufacturing and we have many new and exciting R&D projects in the pipeline for 2022 and beyond. Stay tuned for updates on our new materials, online learning program and cutting-edge software and hardware developments.

All of us at Airwolf 3D want to thank our customers for their loyalty and support during our ten years in business. To show our appreciation, we’ve enclosed a promotional coupon to be used on any purchase in our webstore. Use promo code 10YEARS at check out for 10% off your entire purchase. Offer expires March 1, 2022.

Airwolf 3D’s History of Innovation

February 2022: G-Series Hot End

Introducing the G-Series Hot End for EVO 3D Printers

October 2021:  Airwolf3dU

Introducing the Online Learning System

May 2021:  Auto-Leveling System

Issuance of US Patent for Auto-Leveling System

March 2020:  Providing 4,576 Face Shields to First Responders

Designs and distributes the COVID-19 face shield 3D printable file

August 2019: The EVOlution Continues

Introducing the EVO R, an ideal formula for engineers, educators, and designers.

January 2018: The EVOlution of 3D Printing

The EVO Additive Manufacturing Center released with PartSave™ and FailSafe™ technology, Tri-Heat™ enclosed build environment, and metal capability.

January 2017: HydroFill Water-Soluble Support revolutionizes 3D printing

The world’s first universal filament that dissolves in plain water and is environmentally friendly.

November 2016: AXIOM 20 becomes undisputed leader in desktop 3D printers

The tallest 3D printer in its class with a precision ball screw Z-axis and aluminum intensive construction.

September 2016: Direct Drive brings 3D printing to a new level

All AXIOM machines receive direct drive capability for increased accuracy, ease-of-use, and higher quality prints.

August 2016: APEX 3D-Printing Software

APEX 3D-Printing Software is released with optimized profile settings fully customized for all Airwolf 3D printers, making 3D printing an easier, more seamless experience.

December 2015: The FIRST commercial high-temp dual extruder 3D printer

Two heads are better than one. The AXIOM DUAL rules the desktop 3D printer market with dual high-temp nozzles for large multi-material prints.

June 2015: AXIOM changes 3D printing forever

The flagship AXIOM printer hits the market with an innovative combination of auto-leveling and an enclosed print chamber for large ABS and polycarbonate prints.

December 2014: Airwolf 3D sets Guiness World Record

Airwolf 3D sets the Guinness World Record for the most 3D printers operating simultaneously.

October 2014: Wolfbite Bed Adhesion Solution

Airwolf 3D wages war on warpage with the first of five revolutionary Wolfbite Bed Adhesion Solutions.

June 2014: Airwolf 3D HD2x

The Airwolf 3D HD2x emerges as the first multi-material printer with dual nozzles and high-temperature capability.

March 2014: Airwolf 3D HDx

The Airwolf 3D HDx boasts the industry’s first high-temp hot end for printing polycarbonate at 600°F/315°C.

November 2013: Airwolf 3D HD

Airwolf 3D HD launches with sleek looks, a modular design, unprecedented multi-material performance, and an extra-large build envelope.

February 2013: Airwolf 3D XL

Airwolf 3D XL is released with the largest ABS build platform in its class.

May 2012: The 5.5

The original Airwolf 3D printer, capable of printing in ABS and PLA.