Using Simplify3D with the EVO, EVO 22, and EVO R

New users will benefit the most by utilizing the EVO’s default slicing platform, APEX. This is due to the years of testing and refinement Airwolf 3D has put into this software, making the EVO user experience as streamlined as possible. While APEX is a fantastic platform and recommended by Airwolf 3D, other slicing software can be used. 

Simplify3D is a paid software that contains many advanced features, and covers a wide variety of printer brands and models. While this piece of software can work well for many users who have spent quite a bit of time with it, it definitely isn’t for everyone and can be complex in many areas — despite what the name suggests. Simplify3D is not recommended for use with the EVO, especially for new users or those of you who haven’t used Simplify3D with other printers.

To help get setup with Simplify3D and the EVO series of machines, Airwolf 3D has created this guide to help setup the latest version and import proper settings. Follow the steps below to set up the EVO, EVO 22, or EVO R with Simplify3D. This guide does NOT cover how to purchase and install Simplify3D.


Download the FFF profiles for the EVO model you are using. All of the Simplify3D EVO FFF profiles can be found here.

Go to FILE -> IMPORT FFF PROFILE. Choose the profile you wish to use according to material type, quality, strength, nozzle size, etc.

The settings will now be applied to any model that is imported. To view the settings and to make sure they have properly been applied to the model, go to EDIT PROCESS SETTINGS. If everything is correct, it will show the name of the imported settings in the SELECT PROFILE area. If you have imported multiple settings files, you can also select them here. Click OK.

NOTE: DO NOT CHANGE THE TEMPERATURES IN THE IMPORTED FFF PROFILES. If the temperatures do not match the temperatures in the Start GCODE, the machine will not preheat properly and will not start.


Press IMPORT in the MODELS window located on the right side of the window in Simplify3D. Choose the model you would like to print. Simplify3D will center the model on the build platform.


When you are ready to print your model, click PREPARE TO PRINT! On the bottom left of the Simplify3D interface. Here, you can preview the entire print, or preview each layer separately. If everything looks good, insert a USB drive into the computer, and click SAVE TOOLPATHS TO DISK. Choose the USB drive (or the location where you want to save the GCODE file), then click SAVE.

The drive can now be ejected, inserted into the EVO and printed.