Must Read 3D Printer Software Updates

We are rolling out new features for APEX slicing software!  Also, we are making updates to the EVO firmware and EVO touchscreen.  To make sure you’re familiar with the changes, check out this update walking you through the new slicing functionality.

APEX 3D printing software

APEX is a 3D-printing software developed exclusively for Airwolf 3D printers and designed to make 3D printing a more simple and intuitive process.  In this latest version (Apex 1.7.9) we modified the triangle infill by improving it for small features.  Retraction compensation is also improved, now accounting for travel distance, in addition to speed.  These changes apply to all models of printers.  For the EVO line of printers, material settings have been revised to achieve higher-quality prints.  Shrinkage compensation has been added for EVO R and a correct sample part is now included for each machine.  Click here for a full history of revisions and updates to APEX.


Our spacious 7″ full-color touch display makes it easy to control everything from PartSave™, material selection, internal ambient temperature, and expert settings to an on-screen keyboard for writing and executing g-Code on the fly.

The EVO Touchscreen Version 1.64 was released on 05/01/21.  The biggest news is that  offset is adjustable by clicking the top right of the home screen (there is no longer a need to change firmware versions).  Graphics are improved, speed adjustment is now active, and print duration is hidden when the machine is not printing.  The “About” screen is now compatible with non-wifi machines and restore and restart functionality are improved.  Click here for a full history of revisions and updates to the EVO Touchscreen Software.


Both the brain and heart of the EVO Additive Manufacturing Center, Airwolf 3D’s proprietary GENESIS Microcontroller drives the leaps and bounds that EVO has made in desktop additive manufacturing technology.  Fully proprietary and engineered from the ground up to support high-performance industrial manufacturing, the GENESIS board is an automotive-grade 32-bit redundant embedded controller that delivers 2-3 times higher speeds, more precision, and greater control at ultra-high temperatures than any other desktop 3D manufacturing system on the market. 

Firmware Version 1.58.17 was released on 5/1/2021 to improve high-speed merging.  Also, this revision incorporates offset adjustability as described above.  Click here for a full history of revisions and updates to the firmware.


New users will benefit the most by utilizing the EVO’s default slicing platform, APEX. This is due to the years of testing and refinement by Airwolf 3D. While APEX is a fantastic platform and recommended by Airwolf 3D, other slicing software can also be used. 

Cura has features that many users may be used to, especially if they use a multitude of other 3D printer brands and are accustomed to Cura.  To help with the transition from APEX to Cura, or if starting out with Cura, Airwolf 3D has created this guide to help you install the latest version of Cura.


Are you new to APEX slicing software?  Watch this easy-to-follow tutorial that will walk you through the steps.