COVID-19 Face Shield 3D Printable File

COVID-19 Face Shield 3D Printable File

How to help

Thank you for reaching out with offers of support concerning the Covid-19 pandemic. The Airwolf 3D community has a unique opportunity to help due to our larger bed platforms and robust material options.
As such we have been working with medical professionals to evaluate various protective devices. To date, we have not received an endorsement or medical approval for any particular device. However, the general consensus is that face shields are perhaps the most helpful and as a local doctor put it, “desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Therefore, to help, we recommend that you begin printing the face shield.

Airwolf 3D designed this face shield to print easily in ABS or similar materials and assemble quickly with standard 8.5 x 11″ transparencies and elastic bands.  Feel free to download the model below.  In this video, Erick Wolf demonstrates the assembly of the face shield.

Upon completion, you can ship your assembled or unassembled shield parts to Airwolf 3D. We will complete assembly and deliver to the doctors at University of California Irvine. If possible please include a brief handwritten note of encouragement to the end-user doctor or nurse. Optionally you can add your hashtag or social media handles as we will be sharing your efforts.

Alternatively, you can deliver your assembled shield to your local hospital or clinic.

Thank you again for reaching out. We are overwhelmed with the generous and positive character of the Airwolf community. We will post updates here below.

Airwolf 3D will continue to work with a limited staff. Currently, we are responding to tech support and shipping orders within 24 hours.

Download the ZIP file containing Face Shield 1 STEP file, STL file and SLDPRT file here: Download

Send face shields to:

Airwolf 3D

11208 Young River Avenue

Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Contact Us:

Do you have questions or are you a medical professional in need of these face shields?  Drop us an email:

Looking for inspiration?

This is not the first time that our community has risen to the challenge.  Airwolf 3D put 159 individual 3D printers to work creating more than 200 prosthetic hands – all in one day!  We broke the Guinnes World Record that day.  You can read about it here: Wolfpack sets new Guinness World Record in 3D Printing