Huge 25lb. Filament Spool Hub Printed on the EVO

This spool hub was created by Airwolf 3D and printed in ABS with a 1mm nozzle in 14 hours on the EVO Additive Manufacturing Center.

These large 25 lb. spools allow Airwolf 3D to extrude large quantities of filament while having the ability to break it up into smaller spools when needed.

Did you know that Airwolf 3D manufactures 3D printers, adhesives, accessories and even filament? 

One of our secret tips for extruding filament with exceptionally even diameter is to minimize the occurrences of “stop and tug motions.”  To do this, we extrude for very long, uninterrupted periods.  This means that we need very LARGE spools – the size that you don’t easily find available or off the shelf!

We designed a custom spool hub that we easily 3d print in ABS.  By the way, our favorite in-house filament is natural (uncolored) MG94 ABS. We also laser cut the sides of the spools from 1/4″ MDF.

Printing these large ABS parts is possible, in part, because of the powerful chamber heaters.  The heated environment helps to prevent cracking and warping, resulting in stronger, more precise parts.