Announcement: Printer Pricing and the Evolution of ABS in 2020

Get your printers before prices go up.

Effective January 1, 2020, prices will increase on Airwolf 3D printer models.  Order yours now to lock in existing pricing and get free shipping to the continental United States.

Airwolf 3D customers have come to expect their latest 3D printer model to be packed with a number of new features and refinements – a truly latest and greatest machine with advancements in terms of design, accuracy, and reliability.  Airwolf 3D has served the engineering community for 8 years and has become a market leader with an undeniable history of innovation.  Inline with other longstanding brands, Airwolf 3D will adjust pricing to reflect costs related to tariffs, base materials, labor, research and development, and advancements in manufacturing processes.  The following new prices represent a 6% price increase and will go into effect on January 1, 2020:

EVO R Additive Manufacturing Center $5,299

EVO Additive Manufacturing Center $8,499

EVO 22 Additive Manufacturing Center $12,799


MG94 ABS filament for 2020

Evolution is a good thing and beginning in 2020 we will predominantly focus on Premium MG94 as our main type of ABS filament.  

As you know, Airwolf 3D equipment prints in 40+ different materials and we also manufacture many of these filaments in house.   This, in combination with your customer feedback, gives us an advantage in terms of R&D and tribal knowledge when it comes to filament.  As such, our MG94 ABS filament has evolved and far surpassed regular “Platinum Series ABS Filament” in terms of performance.

MG94 ABS Filament

You can expect to get everything you love about our regular “Platinum Series ABS Filament”  — but with the increased strength, smooth printability, and glossy finish of Premium MG94 ABS.  The new gold standard in ABS filament, our MG94 is produced in-house with pure ingredients and according to our exceedingly high-quality standards. Understandably,  “Platinum Series ABS Filament” will be discontinued in 2020.

Airwolf 3D is committed to manufacturing in the US, creating job opportunities and educating the workforce of tomorrow. Thank you for being a part of our additive manufacturing journey.  We value your business and support. We look forward to a prosperous 2020.

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