Webinar, “Are your students engaged in your technical classes?”

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Are your students engaged in your technical classes?

Ron Ponce“The 3D Printer Teacher, Guru and Award-Winning ROP Teacher” from Anaheim High School will share his secrets for engagement.
September 5th 4:30 PST
Join educator Ron Ponce as shares his secrets for engagement. Then, learn the methods he used to successfully integrate 3D printing into the classroom with her own project ideas.


Why you should attend:

• Learn how Ron overcame the technology barrier and paved a path to success for her students
• Common pitfalls with 3D printing in the classroom and how to overcome them
• EXCLUSIVE: When you sign up to attend, you’ll get a free copy of our free 3D printing curriculum.


About Ron Ponce:

Ron Ponce is considered by many as “The 3D Printer Teacher, Guru and Award-Winning ROP Teacher” from Anaheim High School.  North Orange County ROP instructor Ron Ponce was honored as a nominee at the Orange County Department of Education Teachers of the Year Ceremony on November 2, 2018. Ron teaches the Engineering Design Pathway at Anaheim High School and the Welding and Materials Joining Pathway as a regional course at Esperanza High School. He has been preparing students for college and careers for 18 years through North Orange County ROP.